Monday, November 30, 2009

traveling with overpriced john travolta milkshakes...

back from new jersey.

it's great to spend some time with family during thanksgiving weekend. my dad and i have something of a complicated holiday tradition. first we eat, and watch football...

...actually, now that i look at it in writing, i guess it's not that complicated after all. but it is a whole lot of fun. we're both diehard steeler fans, but, it doesn't really matter who's playing. i can't be 100% sure, but i am fairly certain that we watched an entire quarter of the Sisseton South Dakota Plaid Skirts versus the Fighting Blue Cards of James Lipton's New School.

i'll tell you what is complicated, though. getting from south jersey back to my apartment by train. from my dad's place, it's a short drive to the speedline at the pennsauken station. that takes me to trenton where i hop on a train to penn station in new york city. from there, i have the option of taking the A, C, E or the 1, 2, or 3 subway trains uptown to 42nd street. then i catch the shuttle to grand central. and from there i hop on yet another train back to white plains.

the whole trip took me about five hours. and it got a bit ugly. the sunday after thanksgiving is such a terrible day for traveling. it's like black friday without the body armor. small children were being used as battering rams. little old ladies were being shoved out of the way by littler old ladies. mild-mannered accountants in full braveheart war makeup were pummeling passersby with their briefcases while shouting to anyone who glanced at them, "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!"

it was so crazy that i actually spent $6.25 on a milkshake without thinking anything of it. by the time i got to grand central station, i was so tired, and so focused on treating myself after such a long commute that i didn't even realize how much they charged me until i walked away. SIX DOLLARS! and A QUARTER!!! can you believe it??? that's half my paycheck.

so worth it, though. damn good shake. best i ever had. good enough, i think, to make it a new holiday tradition.

or maybe i'll just buy a car.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) long, rambling blog entries.
2) the kid on the train who befriended another kid sitting next to him. it was really cute. like, "i'm five years old. are you five years old? you ARE??? let's be friends!!!" :)
3) one of the highlights of the weekend was the surprise party we threw for my stepmom's retirement. fun night!
4) one of the strange things about the party was meeting this dude who, within about fifteen minutes of introducing himself, told me about his reverse vasectomy. nice guy, but really a little bit... y'know, too open. i'm not kidding, this is what he told me-- "yeah, i think i'm gonna drink a little bit tonite, even though i really shouldn't, 'cause i just got surgery on my nuts."
5) that feeling when you finally get to sit down on your arse in your own apartment after a long trip.

song of the night...
"milkshake" by kelis

movie of the night...
"pulp fiction"

"i'm sorry, ryan, but, did you just order a $6.25 milkshake? do you mind if i have a sip of that? i just gotta find out what a $6.25 milkshake tastes like..."

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