Sunday, November 8, 2009

the sixth thing i fell in love with today...

in addition to the five things i fell in love with today, i am also thankful that i did not get mugged on my walk home tonite.

there's a tunnel underneath the train station in white plains that looks really spooky. in the day light. in the dark it looks like you're walking through the video for 'thriller.' dancing zombies and all.

so, of course, because i'm a genius, i chose to go in that direction after dusk. and this dude approached me looking a lot like skeet ulrich. except creepier, if you can believe that. he was wearing a hoodie draped over his head and dark sunglasses. as if he had taken a look at the 11 o'clock news for a week and saw the police sketches for every major wanted criminal throughout the five burroughs of new york city and thought to himself, "y'know... i think that would be a really good look for me."

for a second, i was just frozen. and i thought what any good Christian would think in that situation... "oh shit."

lol, like the worst prayer ever. "oh, shit."

but God heard it anyway. and the guy kept on walking. and i didn't have to unleash my inner chuck norris on him.

and for all of this, i do thank God. He is very good to me.

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