Wednesday, November 18, 2009

numbers don't lie... (NFL power rankings, week 12)

i'm not exactly sure how many people actually read these football power rankings, but i have received one or two concerns about how i came up with this system. and, for those loyal readers who cared enough to write in, i want to say thank you. but more than that, i wanted to let you know that i am praying for you. because you obviously have more free time than i do. and that is sad.

now, to answer your questions, i'll tell ya, it's a complicated process, having to do with the amount of wins a team has, the strength of their schedule, the amount of points they put up, and the number of points they allow. i think it's a well-balanced way of rewarding an organization for beating a good team. and for beating a bad team soundly. most of all, i think it's an impartial, mathematical equation to determine, without bias, and on a weekly basis, who has the best football team in america.

still, most of the questions i've heard seem to stem from a few perceived anomalies in the power rankings. for example, "why would the pittsburgh steelers be ranked below the denver broncos a week after beating them?" that type of thing. "really, ryan, how could this be? how do you come up with this stuff?"

and these are all fair questions. especially for me. a pittsburgh steeler fan. but, the numbers don't lie. the numbers don't cheat. the numbers don't lobby for votes. math can not bribe me in order to sway my opinion. it can not bring opinion into the discussion at all, because math is all about strict facts. with math, it's all black and white. and it is all about the performance of a team throughout an entire. season-- not just one game.

all this to say, i believe my power rankings go a long way to prove once and for all what football fans have suspected for quite some time...

math is stupid.

okay then. enjoy!

32) rams, 1-8, -86.4
31) bucs, 1-8, -86.1
30) browns, 1-8, -86.0
29) lions, 1-8, -85.4
28) chiefs, 2-7, -64.3
27) raiders, 2-7, -63.6
26) bills, 3-6, -36.2
25) titans, 3-6, -35.0
24) redskins, 3-6, -29.0
23) seahawks, 3-6, -25.8
22) bears, 4-5, -2.8
21) dolphins, 4-5, 0.7
20) panthers, 4-5, 10.4
19) 49ers, 4-5, 10.5
18) jags, 5-4, 11.6
17) jets, 4-5, 18.0
16) texans, 5-4, 23.8
15) giants, 5-4, 30.5
14) falcons, 5-4, 31.7
13) packers, 5-4, 32.0
12) eagles, 5-4, 32.6
11) ravens, 5-4, 33.8
10) chargers, 6-3, 51.0
9) cards, 6-3, 54.1
8) broncos, 6-3, 56.6
7) STEELERS, 6-3, 58.0
6) cowboys, 6-3, 58.1
5) patriots, 6-3, 64.7
4) bengals, 7-2, 82.2
3) vikings, 8-1, 109.0
2) saints, 9-0, 140.8
1) colts, 9-0, 143.1

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) the way the governor of california says, "go chargers go!"
2) nfl films.
3) that i'm taking the day off after the super bowl to recover from my screaming.
4) harry kalas.
5) john facenda.

song of the day...
"song no. 6" by ane brun featuring ron sexsmith

movie of the day...
"lucky number slevin"

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