Monday, November 2, 2009

my big honking LOST theory...

for the better part of the past two decades, i thought that 'the simpsons' has been the best show in the history of television. and then came 'lost'. i'm borderline obsessed with it. i hang on every word in each script, like a new york college kid in 1960-something listening to a bob dylan record.

i'm currently watching season one. again. and then i'll devour seasons two through four. again. and on december 8th, i'll be the first in line to buy season five on bluray. and i'll watch that again, too. maybe twice.

i can't get enough.

but i'm not one of those people who has a theory about each and every little mystery on the island. i just like to let things unfold. i'm fascinated by so many of these characters, and i can't wait to know what's going to happen to them! but i don't give too much thought into it. i just like to see where it's going as it's getting there.

i do have one theory, however... avert your eyes now, if you don't wanna know-- on the off-chance that i'm right about this!!!

in the sixth episode ("house of the rising sun") of the first season, jack and kate stumble upon two bodies in a cave, a woman and a man. jack guesses that they've been there for 40 or 50 years. he finds a small pouch carrying a black and a white stone. locke names them adam and eve. (the bodies, not the stones).

jack is trying to persuade the rest of the survivors to come back to the caves to live. kate decides to remain on the beach, saying, "i don't want to be eve."

here's my theory... through the mysterious time travel that often takes place on our favorite little kooky island... i think jack and kate ARE adam and eve!!!

don't ask me how they wind up there, don't ask me who burried them in the caves. don't ask me what the significance of the two stones are... i just have a hunch that jack and kate actually discovered the remains of themselves way back when.

and how freaking cool would THAT be?!?!?!

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) hurley. how can you not love hurley?
2) kate. hubba, hubba.
3) claire. hubba, hubba, hubba.
4) ginger and mary-anne. hubba, hubba, hubba, hubba...
5) vincent, the dog. but, i'm telling you, if this whole plane crash thing turns out to just be vincent's dream??? i'll be pissed.

song of the day...
"like a rolling stone" by bob dylan

movie of the day...
"no direction home"


  1. Cool theory Ryan. It seems to make sense but my problem is that the skeletol remains of the man are not the same size as Jack. Take a look. It looks more like Jin.

  2. is that true? i haven't looked at it too closely...