Thursday, November 26, 2009

i have way too much to be thankful for...

today i am thankful for my family. because i could do a lot worse.

i'm thankful for my friends. because they constantly make me feel like the luckiest man on God's great earth.

i'm thankful for traditions on thanksgiving morning-- like watching the first six minutes of the macy's parade and then realizing it's boring and turning it off.

i'm thankful for my 26inch hdtv. because if it were any bigger, i wouldn't be able to fit it into my tiny apartment.

i'm thankful for my tiny apartment, because it is a roof over my head. and it's mine.

and i'm thankful that it is such a tiny place, because there's not a whole lot of ground to cover whenever i have that creepy feeling that there might be a burglar around. "hello...? is there someone here??? (looks left. looks right.) nope."

i'm thankful that i have enough clutter underneath my bed that no burglar could ever think to hide under there.

i'm thankful for the absurdly loud and obnoxious people who live upstairs, for, because of them, i know that if i were ever forced to reside next to one of those 24-hour air horn testing facilities, i could get by quite nicely.

i'm thankful for my job, because i get a lot of hugs. and i feel like i'm making a difference in the lives of a bunch of kids. and every now and then they say things like, "ryan, my mommy makes BIG farts!"

i'm also thankful for my job, because every so often, i get to walk away with free cupcakes and dunkin donut munchkins.

i'm thankful that the cupcakes that i jammed inside the container of munchkins last night blended together so seamlessly, into one gigantic glob of artery-clogging bliss.

i am thankful for richard simmons.

i'm thankful for the good people at love 146, camp haluwasa, and the red cross.

i'm thankful for sports teams that break my heart, movies that make me cry, and women who leave me bewildered.

i'm thankful for the exercise i get from not having a car, for living within walking distance of a hundred different places to shop and eat, and the people i've met while riding on the train.

i'm even thankful for that dude at the mt. kisco train station who probably hates me because i can't stop staring at him. (i can't help it! he's got no teeth, and has this unrelenting habit of smacking his lips to his gums at a rate of 42 times a minute, it's hypnotic!)

i'm thankful for the clothes on my back, the computer i'm typing on, and the three pair of glasses i bought online for 80something dollars.

i'm thankful for the people who keep reading this blog! thank you!

i'm thankful for the troops overseas. i really don't know how they do it, so far from home.

most of all, i'm thankful that i know a God who knows every single thing about me, and loves me anyway. i'm thankful for His grace, and His mercy, and His love. i'm thankful that He has brought into my life a ridiculous amount of joy and a peace that passes understanding.

the five things i fell in love with today...
also very, very thankful for...

1) frizzy.
2) the smart lady.
3) my farmville homies.
4) tootie.
5) my best friend j-lo.

song of the day...
"God knows (you got to give to get)" by el perro del mar

movie of the day...
"planes, trains and automobiles"

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