Sunday, November 1, 2009

an important question about window washers...

today, because i'm trying to lose weight, i took a healthy early morning power walk. to mcdonald's. and on my way back home, i saw a half dozen window washers on the top of a 14-story building. made me feel reeeeeeeeeeeeally good about my job. sheesh, i got dizzy just thinking about being up there.

it also made me wonder about this: do they warn the residents of those buildings when window washers are going to be outside of their apartments? i really don't know, but i can't get that question out of my head.

i mean, honestly, wouldn't that scare the shit out of you?! first thing, sunday morning, y'got a cup of coffee in your hands, wearing a bathrobe (or something less than that), y'draw the curtains, and-- AAAAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the five things i fell in love with today...

1) i had a free mcgriddle coming my way. monopoly game piece.
2) knowing that there is no way on earth my pittsburgh steelers are going to lose today!
3) "gurf ozark" those were the words i had to write to post the link of my blog on facebook the other day. sounded to me like a defensive lineman from nebraska. 315 pounds. on a full scholarship.
4) my ugly bathrobe.
5) the hope that the soda guy will also get an ugly bathrobe some day soon.

song of the day...
"roxanne" by the police

movie of the day...
"king kong"

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