Sunday, November 8, 2009

what would george clooney do?

this weekend i watched a little tv-- some football, mostly, and i'm onto the second season of LOST. i took advantage of the nice weather and went on a coupla' walks around white plains. i did some writing, shaved my face, tidied up the apartment, and i caught a movie this afternoon-- the new george clooney flick called 'the men who stare at goats.'

all this to say, i did not sit around by the phone waiting for the beautiful woman i met on friday to call.

which, as it turns out, is a good thing.



i don't understand what happened. y'know, i mean, i thought we really clicked. i thought there were sparks. when i asked if i could give her my number, she seemed to be saying, "YES! i was hoping you'd ask me that!" but... i dunno, maybe i totally misread her. maybe it was, "YES! but, i am so only being polite to you!"

or, maybe she's doing that thing where you don't want to appear too eager, so you wait three days before calling? women do that? i thought only men do that. and by men i mean stupid men. men who watch jason statham movies because they think he's a good actor. men who go to nascar races because they're hoping to see themselves a good wreck. men who join chuck norris fan clubs without any sense of irony.

(because they actually think that when chuck norris works out, the machine gets stronger.)

i dunno. i'm not that guy. i mean, i get it, i don't want to scare someone away, but i don't wait three days to call. and, i'm not sure if that says a lot about why i'm single, but i guess i'm just not that cool, lol. if i like someone, i want her to know about it. if i really want to get to know someone, i don't want to waste three days before i do so.

which brings me back to the question of whether she wanted to get to know me better at all. i dunno. i thought she did... maybe, it's like that billy crystal line from 'when harry met sally...' maybe she desperately wants to call me but is trapped under something heavy.

sheesh, i hope so.

anyway... what do you think george clooney would do? for some reason, i found myself thinking about that, on my long walk home from the movie. didn't help me much, as i could actually see him doing either. being polite and taking down a phone number with no intentions to call. or, being real cool and suave, and waiting three days to call. or probably three weeks. i mean... dude. it's george clooney.


welp... not the end of the world, but i have to be honest. i'm pretty disappointed. maybe prematurely disappointed. and maybe (probably) i'm giving this too much thought, no matter what the outcome... eh... she just seemed really great, y'know...?

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) two things i never noticed until this most recent review of the first two seasons of 'lost': A) someone is always beating the crap out of sawyer. and, B) if someone is running through the jungle, they pretty much have a 50/50 shot at falling down on their face.
2) "snatch" and "lock, stock & two smoking barrels"-- jason statham is actually really, really good in both of these movies.
3) "chuck norris can slam a revolving door!"
4) the 'goat' movie wasn't all that good, i'm afraid, but i'm really looking forward to clooney's next two: 'the fantastic mr. fox' and 'up in the air'.
5) that, no matter what, i think i recovered quite nicely from the spilled popcorn fiasco of friday night, thank you. and, dammital, kudos to me for having the courage to chat up such a beautiful woman.

song of the day...
"sparks" by coldplay

movie of the day...
it could only be "swingers". legendary scene that brilliantly breaks down the mindset behind the three days rule. as well as that jon favreau scene i can barely watch, when he foolishly breaks said rule.

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  1. If only more guys were like you, being up front and honest...I guess I've been out of the dating pool too long to even know..there's a 3 day rule?! haha I like to flirt with guys who come into the office, but once they leave I'm like, "yeah, well they were too pretty for me anyways.." haha I feel your pain man, hang in there, one of these supermodels will call you personally? I guess I'll wait for Mr. Clooney. :P