Tuesday, December 1, 2009

on the lookout for psychos...

i was a kid when i saw the movie "psycho". i'm not sure how old i was, but i do remember it was the first time i stayed home by myself.

freaked. me. out.

the thing that got me about the famous shower scene is the thing that still creeps me out all these years later. it's not the thought that someone could sneak up and murder me with a big ass knife when i'm in the shower. it's the thought that someone could be hiding in the shower already with a big ass knife when i go into the bathroom to take care of some other business.

that's something that dawned on me as i was sitting on the throne the morning after i watched "psycho" and it has haunted me ever since. it's why i always leave my shower curtain open.

it's also why, if i've used your bathroom within the past 25 years or so, i can guarantee you that i've seen the inside of your shower. i'm serious, to this day, if i walk into a bathroom and i see that the curtain is closed, i have to peek to make sure the coast is clear. i can't pee a drop unless i do. i could be in the white house, i don't care, i have to check things out beforehand.

and you'd think this would be something that i'd get over after a certain amount of time, but if anything, it's only gotten worse through the years. i think that's because, y'know, having never caught a big ass knifed psycho hiding behind a shower curtain before, i kind of feel like i'm due.

it's... it's a little weird, i guess, isn't it?

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) alfred hitchcock movies.
2) one of the parents at the day care told me that when she informed her four year old son that he could pick out one toy at the dollar bin at target... he chose an ice scraper. lol, he was so proud of it! he told me, "i got a blue one!!!"
3) i went 14 and 2 in my nfl picks this week! w'hoooooooo!!!
4) hey, my friend tootie's coming for a visit in a few weeks!!!
5) long, hot, knife-free showers.

song of the day...
"psycho killer" by the talking heads

movie of the day...
well... "psycho".

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  1. I think what's even weirder is the fact that I do the exact same thing. I only close my shower curtain if company is coming over.
    Seriously.....you never know who could be back there.