Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Eleven Best Top 10 Movies of 2009...


i said it.

the eleven best top 10 movies of 2009. because that makes just about as much sense to me as the academy award people expanding its best picture nominees from five to ten. and because i saw a lot of great films this year...

11) "fantastic mr. fox" i loved this movie. just all sorts of quirky, and hysterical.

10) "avatar" would have been much higher on the list if it had an actual plot that i didn't see coming from fourteen miles away. and other stuff that i'll probably get into in another blog. but visually, it was pretty remarkable.

9) "up in the air" such a great film. and still the worst thing jason ("juno," "thank you for smoking") reitman has ever done.

8) "precious: based on the novel push by saphire" worst title of any film of the decade. and hard to recommend, really. just brutal to watch. but uplifting as well.

7) "inglourious basterds" or, as we call it at the day care center when we're in front of the children, "inglourious b-word". classic tarantino. loved every minute of it.

6) "where the wild things are" even better than the book, which is saying quite a bit.

5) "the hangover" funniest thing i've seen in years! "cause we're the three best friends that anyone could have..."

4) "away we go" terribly overlooked movie!!! maya rudolph and john krasinski were so great!!! hands down my favorite script of the year!

3) "district 9" brilliant. completely original. i think film students are going to be watching this for decades.

2) "the hurt locker" simply said, this is the best war movie since "saving private ryan".

1) "up" instantly became my favorite animated film of alltime. the sequence in the beginning of the movie is one of the most moving things i've ever seen, from any film-- animated or not.

the five (plus 9) things i fell in love with today...

the 14 films that didn't quite make the cut, but were still pretty damn great...

12) "an education"
13) "the road"
14) "star trek"
15) "(500) days of summer"
16) "the invention of lying"
17) "adventureland"
18) "zombieland"
19) "michael jackson's this is it"
20) "public enemies"
21) "julie and julia"
22) "it might get loud"
23) "pirate radio"
24) "the september issue"
25) "a serious man"

song of the day...
"sweet disposition" by the temper trap. best soundtrack i bought this year-- "(500) days of summer"

movie of the day...
honestly? ...i really dug "2012" as well. big, dumb action flick. can't help myself.

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  1. So, "Up".

    0 to weepy in record time. Stupid, wonderful Pixar.