Sunday, December 6, 2009

President Obama faces more racism on facebook...


i realize that racism is alive and well in america, but does it have to be so in my face on a sunday morning?

shortly after i woke up, i saw this poll on facebook...

"Which primate does Obama look like?
- Chimp
- Gorilla
- Monkey"

i'm furious, of course, but i'm more sad about it than anything else. devastated, really. to think that 196 people voted in this poll already.

but, i don't know what's more frightening: the thought that 196 people are so full of hate? or the certainty that some of these geniuses are so stupid that they will inevitably say, "what? this is racist?!"

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) that there seemed to be many more than 196 people leaving negative comments about this poll.
2) my colorblind friends.
3) jackie robinson.
4) martin luther king.
5) rosa parks.

song of the day...
"we shall overcome" by pete seeger

movie of the day...

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