Sunday, December 20, 2009

the 12 days and 16 movies of Christmas, part two...

movies 13 through 9...

13) "bad santa" i feel pretty awkward recommending this movie, but not half as bad as i feel for really, reeeeeeeeeeally liking it. a lot.

my mom would have walked out on this movie. and then she would have formed a protest committee against it. it's not for everyone. in fact, it's pretty foul. like... probably the most foul movie you'll ever see in your lifetime.

did i mention that i like "bad santa" a lot?

12) "holiday inn" ...craziest thing. i'd never seen this film before. but i was looking forward to watching it immediately after seeing "bad santa". kind of like getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist if you'd just swallowed a few dozen handfuls of dirt. so, the last thing i expected was to be more offended by this than the previous movie! but there it was...

blackface. urgh. i mean, sheesh, i realize this was filmed in 1942, but yikes!!! blackface?! i wished i'd stopped watching after bing crosby sang 'white Christmas'.

11) "scrooged" ...i hate to say it, because i love bill murray, but i remember this being much funnier back when i was a kid.

10) "national lampoon's Christmas vacation" yet ANOTHER movie i somehow missed out on. some really funny stuff here! (y'know, i really like chevy chase!) and the squirrel in the tree really brought back a lot of warm holiday memories for me.

9) "rifftrax Christmas shorts" saw this in the theater last wednesday. the rifftrax people are the fellers who brought us the classic tv show 'mystery science theater 3000.' this was unbelievably funny. to the point where i didn't want to drink my soda for fear that i might have carbonated fizzies permanently stuck inside my nostrils.

and if that doesn't say "Christmas" i don't know what else does.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) Christmas stockings.
2) the big fake Christmas tree we had in our house for decades.
3) not realizing that people actually brought real trees into their homes until i was a teenager.
4) the Christmas when i was in college when it started to (barely) flurry outside around 11:48 p.m. --driving in the car with one of my homies, both of us shouting, "THIS COUNTS!!! THIS COUNTS!!! IT'S A WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!"
5) so damn funny! and wrong. but mostly funny.

or, maybe just wrong. what do i know? i like "bad santa".

song of the day...
"spotlight on Christmas" by rufus wainwright

movie of the day...
"the nativity story" saw this on tv the other night. i dig it.

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  1. Blackface is awesome. You are brainwashed as hell.