Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

tonite, i am doing absolutely nothing on new year's eve. and i couldn't be happier about it. one year ago i was co-hosting a fondue party which was attended by a half dozen or so beautiful and lovely women. i remember we laughed quite a bit, ate great food, watched dick clark and wound up throwing some illegal fireworks into a fireplace. which was dumb. and not my idea. but was, in fact, a whole lot of awesome.

this year, i'm tired and old and just wanted to stay in. and play a little madden football. or a lot of madden football. and eat good food. or microwavable lasagna. and watch dick clark. and a movie. and write a blog. or three.

sounds kind of sad, now that i read it again. but, believe me-- as much as i love my friends-- i am exactly where i want to be tonite.

2009 had its ups and downs, its mysteries and its learning experiences. i proved myself to be a dumbass more often than i'd like to admit. but i also had my moments of triumph. i have a job that i love and my football team is the defending super bowl champions. i went to canada on a cruise with a wonderful woman. i started a blog (you may have noticed). i live a half an hour away from the most exciting city the world has ever known. my apartment is tiny, but is filled with great music and movies and hundreds of photos and knick-knacks that make me smile every time i see them.

and 2010 is going to be amazing. i'm saving up for a new computer and a new (used) car. i'm going to take at least three field trips to better understand the screenplay that i'm going to (finally) finish. i'm gonna marry anne hathaway or jennifer love hewitt. or both simultaneously. i'm going to walk into the scariest place on earth with my head held high. and i'm going to try to make the world a better place... even though i'm not sure how i'm going to do that. other than smiling more often. and making people laugh. and listening more. and being more available...

oh, and i'm gonna to win the lottery. so i can buy a house. and a fondue pot. and a bunch of illegal fireworks. for the fireplace.

see ya next year!

the five things i fell in love with today...

new year's resolutions!!!!!!!

1) finishing the screenplay. the first draft is done. but... it's not good. well, no, some of it is quite good, actually. but other scenes need a LOT of help.
2) losing weight. i didn't come close to reaching my goal (which means that, yes... i will have to grow a ridiculous mustache-- dumb, dumb, DUMB idea). but i haven't given up. sometime soon i'm going to start going to the scariest place on earth... a gym.
3) if i don't buy a car in 2010, i'm just gonna have to take one.
4) reading at least six books. which is a lot for me, as i'm not a big reader. at all. but i got a head start on this one! i'm currently more than halfway through one of the best things i've ever read-- nick hornby's "about a boy".
5) visiting the most exciting city the world has ever known at least once a month. incredible the things i've never done in new york.

song of the day...
"what a year for a new year" by dan wilson

movie of the day...
"about a boy". the book's so good they actually made a movie out of it. they do that now.

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