Thursday, December 3, 2009

tiger woods: some thoughts about his transgressions...

it's none of my damn business.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) the crunch of a good apple.
2) that picture of albert einstein, when he's sticking out his tongue.
3) peppermint hot chocolate from starbucks.
4) i'm very much looking forward to hanging out with captain farmville tomorrow night.
5) that i am not christine brennan of the usa today...

i've read a few of her columns over the years. and, while i think she's been right on the money from time to time, more often than not, i find that i can't even get through the first five paragraphs of what she has to say. i'll just roll my eyes and ask myself why i'm reading it and then move on to the box scores.

i thought her commentary today on tiger woods was a bit sickening, really. "tiger's sorry statement illuminating." it was one line after another telling the world what a horrible person he is. what an evil monster. total bastard.

and, hey, maybe she's right, i dunno. maybe tiger woods is as diabolical as she thinks he is. maybe he's the worst excuse for a human being that has ever stepped inside a buick. but, how in the hell would christine brennan know that? by reading his statement on his website?

i don't know about a lot of things, but i'm sure i wouldn't be able to judge the content of a man's character from a handful of his sentences. i'm also sure that i wouldn't want anyone to judge me on my worst thoughts and actions, and i'm damn sure i'm glad it isn't my job to gossip about such things in the pages of a newspaper.

i don't know what kind of a person tiger woods is. i don't know what's in the heart of christine brennan. i'm sure they're both just like you and me, made up of good moments and horrible mistakes. the only thing i can do is try to curb my own tremendous flaws as much as possible, while praising God for whatever is good inside me, asking for His help on a daily basis to use whatever He sees fit to help me become a better person.

what anybody else does? none of my damn business.

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