Thursday, December 10, 2009

the curious case of will fardigan...

odd thing this morning. i woke up to find that i couldn't log onto my facebook account. instead i found a notice saying something like, "you are trying to access a page that has recently been associated with abusive behavior. what a horrible person you must be. jackass."

kind of hurt my feelings, to tell you the truth.

mostly, though, it just pissed me off. and confused the heck outta me, too. i mean, "abusive behavior???" on facebook??? didn't make any sense! that's the type of thing i reserve for the workplace.

but, really, i still can't figure it out. what does facebook have against me? ME!!! i'm charming, dammit!

the only thing i can think of is to blame will fardigan. i don't know if facebook frowns upon this sort of thing, but it's the one truly weird act i've ever committed on that site (recently). i made up a person. and, yes, his name is will fardigan.

i had good intentions, though. i mean, y'know, it's not like i said, "hey, i'm will fardigan and i'm running for congress, gimmie money." i just wanted to create a fan page for this blog, but i didn't wanna... y'know, look like i was arrogant enough to create a fan page for my own blog. so, i thought i'd make a bit of a joke of it. come up a non-person with a ridiculous name, and then have HIM create the fan page.

good times.

and, hey, no harm, no foul, right? the fan page has been up for about a month and a half now, and we've got 210 people signed up so far! not sure why facebook would have a problem with that, but stranger things have happened...

actually... on second thought, no, i'm not sure if that's true. you tell me-- have stranger things happened?! really, why would anyone be offended enough at the name "will fardigan" to report it to fb as "abusive behavior"???

i say we protest this injustice by joining the facebook "five things i fell in love with today" fan page and saying incredibly nice things about this blog and my good looks and humility. and, let's not stop there! let's really stick it to them and send friend requests to will fardigan!

and after that, we could give him money!

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) whatever the problem was, i was able to get back onto fb within a few hours. so, no big loss, really.
2) i really did enjoy creating that profile. and answering questions about will's relationship status as "it's complicated" made me giggle a little bit.
3) the thought that maybe somewhere there really is a will fardigan. if, for no other reason, i like the idea of him getting married one day and standing in front of a pastor who would be forced to say, "repeat after me... 'i, will fardigan...' "
4) the BIG HONKING WINNER of the FIRST EVER "the five things i fell in love with today" cd-- because he was the 201st person to join said facebook fan page-- is mr. brandon hudson!!! yes, he gets a HANDMADE CD that i will get to him. eventually. because my computer is really slow. and it's the holidays. and things are a little busy. well, more than a little busy, actually, so, really, who knows when it'll ever get done. God bless him.
5) the reason i gave you brandon's full name! he's not only a really nice guy, but he's also a VERY talented artist! he said he'd like to trade a print of his work for the cd, which makes me a pretty fortunate feller. seriously, check it out--

song of the day...
"breathless" by dan wilson

movie of the day...
"ordinary people"

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