Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the world series...

as many of you know, my worst fears have come true. my two most bitter enemies are in the world series. the philadelphia phillies and the new york yankees. it's an absolute nightmare for a new york mets fan.

who do you root for? i mean, honestly. it's like watching a wrestling match between snidley whiplash and montgomery burns. nothing to cheer about at all, really.

i grew up in south jersey, so all my friends back home are die hard philly fans. and i've been living in westchester county, new york, for the better part of 15 years, which is plagued by yankee fans. so, no matter who wins, i'm going to have to deal with a whole mess of people screaming in my ear for the entire offseason.

"world champions!!! world champions!!! world champions!!!"


people have been asking me all week what i'm going to do. as if i'm could stomach watching even an inning of this travesty. "ryan! who y'rootin' for? the yankees or the phils?"

i'll tell you the truth-- i'm rooting for injuries.

not life-threatening injuries, mind you. just a whole bunch of broken legs. to pretty much all of the starters, in both dugouts. jeter, a-rod, teixeira, cano, damon, posada, sabathia, burnett, rivera. howard, utley, rollins, ibanez, victorino, lee, lidge.

i'm rooting for injuries for all of 'em. wrap 'em up in a cast for the next seven games, and put 'em in a rehab facility for three quarters of the next season. that's pretty much what happened to my mets this year, after all. it's the sad, flukey truth.

but, of course, whenever i bring that up, i'm told to shove it. in my right ear, it's yankee fans. and in my left, it's the phillies-- neither group with the capacity to spell "mets", even if you spotted them the M, S and T.

baseball season is over, my friends.

let's go sixers.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) david wright.
2) carlos beltran.
3) carlos delgado.
4) jose reyes.
5) johan santana. (all five mets players on the disabled list this year-- and i could name about 20 more! ...we'll get 'em next year, boys!!!)

song of the day...
"basketball" by kurtis blow

movie of the day...

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  1. I would break down and get cable if only it meant the prospect of seeing a wrestling match between Snidely Whiplas hand Montgomery Burns.