Monday, October 19, 2009


down the corner from the street i live on, there's a big sign on a front lawn that says, "elect councilman hockley for mayor". then, underneath this, there's something that i thought was an unusual campaign slogan: "you can't buy an election, adam".

now, a journalist would probably do a little bit of research at this point, in order to accurately report to you who these people are, and what they stand for, and what they're up to, and... stuff. but, that's the great thing about being a blogger. we can just guess. for example...

this guy hockley. i'm fairly certain he's a councilman who currently wants to be the mayor, someplace. let's say, new hampshire. adam? ...well, i'm not sure what adam's story is. my immediate suspicion is to think that adam is running against hockley in the new hampshire mayoral-thing, but that seems a bit too easy.

and it does strike me as a dumb slogan. or, y'know, naive. i mean, maybe hockley hasn't heard about this, but people buy elections all the time. they've been doing it for years now.

but, seriously, what does this slogan tell me-- the uninformed voter-- about hockley? not much at all, really. i mean, what's he trying to say? "vote for me, because the other guy has a lot of money"? well, shoot. i need more wealthy people in my life. maybe after this "adam" guy buys the election, he'll run on over to the lexus dealership down the road and buy me a new car.

unless, of course, i misread the sign. maybe adam is as poor as i am, and hockley's just kind of picking on him. "haha, adam! YOU can't buy an election!!! but, I sure can!!! hahahahahahaha!!! look how freakin' HUGE this sign is!!! could you afford that?! nope. didn't think so!!! hahahahaHAha!"

either way, i don't think i'd want to vote for hockley. kind of comes across as a bit of a jerk, wouldn't you say?

stupid hockley.

so, there you go, dear readers. if you happen to be up in new hampshire on election day (which, i think, is this thursday, october 16th), please do yourself a favor and vote for adam.

because he's rich and will buy you a car.

or, maybe, he's not rich and won't buy you anything, but he's just like one of us. which makes him cool. or, at least cooler than hockley. that bastard.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) the thought that maybe i could become a political consultant someday. think i'd be pretty good at it.
2) the ANGELS won today!!! w'hoooooooooo!!! beat them yankees!!!
3) had a bit of an epiphany about lottery tickets this afternoon. well, it might have been an epiphany, i'm not sure yet. stay tuned.
4) my brand new rhyming dictionary!
5) new hampshire. such a small state.

song of the day...
"ballad of a thin man" by bob dylan

movie of the day...
"lost in translation"

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