Tuesday, October 20, 2009

adam for mayor...

from the files of "you're not going to believe this..."

guess who was at the train station this morning, shaking hands with the people?


THE adam????

yes. THE adam.

shook his hand as he told me, "adam bradley, next mayor of white plains."

and i said, "white plains? not new hampshire???"

actually, no, i didn't. i really wish i had, but i didn't say that. nor did i think to ask him if he would buy me a car after the election. and i just flat out didn't have the courage to ask him what he thought about hockley's "can't buy an election" campaign.

again, just a blogger. not a journalist.

gotta make up for that by interviewing the dental and foot care place sometime soon.

the five things i fell in love with today...
it's pretty early in the morning, so this is a bit of a challenge, but here goes...

1) adam. firm handshake.
2) my usual cab driver wasn't here this morning, but when i told him i was short on cash yesterday, he asked me if i needed to borrow $20. i didn't, but what a nice guy, huh?
3) the woman i did share a cab with today was singing a song with her earphones on and sounded a touch like a cat being suffocated. but i made it through without laughing at her.
4) left my hat on the train, but it only cost me a few bucks.
5) hey, maybe i'll meet hockley tomorrow?

song of the day...
"oh what a beautiful morning" by ray charles

movie of the day...

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  1. I was hoping for Adam West, current mayor of Quohog and erstwhile Batman.