Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the ridiculously ongoing celebration of me continues...


i had another day off.

it's funny, my friend broke her leg the other day-- well, no, that's not funny at all, is it? i mean, i guess it could have been, depending on how she broke it. like, if she fell in a humorous manner, with her arms flailing all about. or if she let out a goofy little high-pitched cartoon yelp as she was crashing onto some pavement. that sort of thing.

ooh! or, if it was an ironic leg-breaking! like if she was trapped in a room filled with hundreds and thousands of banana peels, and she escaped without slipping on any of them, but then tripped down a bunch of stairs on her shoelace as she closed the door? yeah, that would be funny. really, tell people that story tomorrow, as if it actually happened to a friend of yours and you know what they would say? ..."that's funny!" but, i wasn't there when my friend broke her leg, so i'm not sure what happened to her.

the funny thing was seeing her say (something like) this on her facebook page the other day: "urgh! i've been trapped inside my place for a week now and all i've been able to do is watch movies!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

honestly? when i read that, my first reaction was, "really??? nothing to do but watch movies... for a WEEK??? sign me up, homie!" seriously, there were about four seconds in a row where i was earnestly thinking, "hmmm... maybe i could sprain an ankle somehow...?" but, no. i couldn't go through with that.

instead, i decided to give myself a challenge. a movie challenge...

not long ago, i got an email from some dvd website advertising their "fifth annual horror movie challenge: 100 movies in 31 days!" and i thought, "sweet! what a great idea! i can do that!!!"

except i hate horror movies. so, i knew that wasn't going to happen. i don't care how charming and inviting their slogan was ("it's a shit-ton of fun!"), horror movies freak me out.

and then i did the math, and realized 100 movies in 31 days is more than 3 movies a day. and that's just plain silly. because i DO have a job that i will have to return to. eventually.

i s'pose.

so, THEN! i came up with this idea: the first annual alphabetical movie challenge! 26 movies in 31 days! from A to Z-- "away we go" to "zoolander"!

it's perfect! it's just the right amount of film to give my dvd collection a healthy once-over, and still have the free time in my life to, y'know, not call in "sick" at the day care center for half the month.

and it's not 3 movies a day-- it's slightly under one movie a day, which is... well, it's still probably a sad cry for help in a lot of ways, but at least it's not, like, a big honking shrieking cry for panicky help that could be heard across several neighboring counties.


eh. whatever. i'm doing it! and you, dear reader of this-here blog, will be a much better movie-goer for it! stay with me throughout this journey, and by the end of the month, you will be well-versed in the grand classics of cinema. or you'll be bored out of your mind. either way, i'm gonna have a blast! wish me luck! or, as they say in the theater...

...actually, no, don't tell me to break a leg-- because my friend who i mentioned earlier has a bit of a temper, and won't need much of an excuse to hobble on over here and take a crack at it. let's not give her any ideas, huh? and let's hope she heals quickly. before she gets around to seeing the movie 'misery'.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) i saw the 'toy story' double feature this afternoon. had this huge theater all to myself, except for one little kid and his mom all the way down front. what a great time. thanks, mr. pixar.
2) knowing that even video games realize this truth: that the new england patriots are a bunch of punks. this is true-- i was playing madden football tonite, and they beat me in the playoffs, on a fake-spike touchdown screen pass from the three yard line, with no time left on the clock. squeaked ahead, 37 to 36...

and then they went for the two point conversion.



3) 'zoolander'??? a grand classic of cinema??? ...sure, why not?
4) they didn't get the two point conversion. i stuffed 'em. ...pats. freakin' bastards.
5) oh, speaking about broken legs! lol, y'gotta go onto youtube and look up "model falls, news anchors laugh their asses off". honestly, if the internet was ONLY made to show this video, i think i'd still want to thank al gore for inventing it.

song of the day...
"movies of myself" by rufus wainwright

movie of the day...
"the producers"

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