Friday, October 16, 2009

where the wild things remain...

wanted to piggyback on the blog i finished a few hours ago about the brilliant "where the wild things are." and the natural correlation between the film and rush limbaugh.

been thinking a lot about rush lately. unfortunately.

as i said earlier in the week (only half jokingly), because i saw his interview on the today show monday morning, i could barely convince my breakfast to remain inside my stomach. but more on that in a minute.

rush was in the news yesterday, after he was dropped from a team of potential owners for the national football league's st. louis rams. his response to this?

"this is not about the nfl. it's not about the st. louis rams. it's not about me. this is about the ongoing effort by the left in this country, wherever you find them, in the media, the democrat party, or wherever, to destroy conservatism, to prevent the mainstreaming of anyone who is prominent as a conservative. this is about the future of the united states of america and what kind of country we're going to have."

so... to sum up...

it's NOT about the 2003 embarrassment on espn, when rush said that the liberal news media were not critical of philadelphia eagles' quaterback donovan mcnabb, because they wanted to see an african american do well?

it's NOT about his constant stream of racism on his radio talk show? it's NOT about him degrading women for decades? it's NOT about him going out of his way, after our president won the nobel peace prize, to say that he was in total agreement on the topic... with the taliban?

and it's NOT about him going on the today show and saying, "i predicted (obama's presidency) was going to exacerbate racial problems, and it has" --while remaining suspiciously ignorant to the thought that maybe (just maybe), unapologetically singing a song like, "barack the magic negro" across the national airwaves does not exactly bring people closer together?


so, what does this have to do with "where the wild things are"?

well, as i was walking home tonite, i was thinking that, as much as this is a film about what it's like to be a kid in such a strange world, it's also about how kids choose to deal with the problems they face. it asks about the rewards, and more importantly, the consequences of their decisions. and it furthermore hints at the person they are going to become in the future: how is this adult shaped by his childhood?

there's a turning point in "where the wild things are" wherein max decides whether he wants to return home or stay on the island with the wild things. i've wondered a time or two if there was any symbolism in that. kind of a "wendy saying goodbye to peter pan and deciding to grow up" sort of thing? returning home a great deal wiser, after an incredible journey...

i think rush limbaugh is still roaming around on that island with the wild things.

"it's not about me," he says. it's not my fault. it's the left. it's the media. it's the democrats. it's about the people who hate conservatives. they're out to get me. it's them. it's not me. it's them.

now, maybe i'm wrong. but, think about this, if i am wrong, it can only mean that rush is an incredibly self-aware, lying sack of shit, saying whatever he needs to, for the sole and spineless purpose of higher ratings. and a bigger pile of money.

unless, of course, i'm wrong because he really does believe what he's saying. which means he's probably been stranded for awhile on a whole 'nother island that no one has even discovered yet. most likely staying out in the sun for a touch too long.

but i don't think i'm wrong...

i think rush limbaugh needs to grow up.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) look, i don't think president obama deserved the nobel peace prize. i love our president, and i have high hopes that he will someday be worthy of such an honor, but, for now? at best, i think we could say it was premature.

but! i am sure glad to be living in a world that recognizes our commander in chief as a man who is trying to make things better. and it feels really good to have the world rooting for us again.
2) the thought that maybe the snow i saw on pumpkins yesterday was an optical illusion.
3) the thought that, when the smart lady read the words "optical illusion" just now, she automatically put up quotation marks with her fingers.
4) having an inside joke (the optical illusion finger quotes thing) that only one or two people in the world will find hilarious.
5) the thought that i-- college dropout that i am-- would have given rush limbaugh a much tougher interview than nbc's jamie gangel.

song of the day...
"a rush and a push and this land is ours" by the smiths

movie of the day...

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  1. I once had an ultra-conservative doctor I work with tell me he couldn't believe I liked to do plays and musicals because "those people" and Hollywood are made up of liberal druggies...when I countered with "What about Rush Limbaugh illegally taking huge amounts of Oxycontin?" he told me(and I'm still amazed by it) that that was "ok" because it was prescription pills....what? Sadly, I think a lot of peopls are still stuck on that island...

    p.s. Can't wait to see that movie now!