Wednesday, October 21, 2009

child care. not day care.

oof. long day.

i work the 7:30 to 4 shift, which usually suits me just fine. but not tonite. we have a staff meeting every month or so that lasts from 6 to 8. so now i have two hours to kill. and, if i can catch my train, i wont get home until 9:30.

long ass day.

the staff meetings we have are usually ...well, they're necessary. so they tell me. sometimes they give you valuable information, sometimes it's stuff you've heard a thousand times before. "how to change a diaper." "why it's not a good idea to plop your kid in front of the tv for 26 hours in a row." "don't dropkick your baby. on wednesdays." that type of thing.

tonite, we're learning about drums.

i don't know why. but, i'm serious, we are learning about drums. "how to incorporate drumming into the classroom setting"? "how to keep a beat"? "ringo starr and graham crackers: how to get your toddler into harvard."

i dunno.

but, it's not the goofiest thing i've heard around here, believe me. still, overall, this is an amazing place to be. goofy meeting or not, they're always scheduled with the best intentions, to better ourselves so we can better serve these children. honestly, i know ours is one of the best centers in the entire country. we freaking rock.

actually, i lobbied to make that our official catchphrase. "come to our day care center! we freaking rock!" that was frowned upon. instead, they went with, "come to our day care center! we kick ass!"

well, no. that might not be true.

in fact, we're not even a day care center. some pr company came in a few months ago and convinced the head honchos that we should label ourselves as a "child care center." because, "we don't take care of DAYS. we take care of CHILDREN."

as if this was a big problem that we were having. losing potential customers because they weren't sure we looked after kids. "this is, like, a time management facility, right? because, uhm, my kid is at our house now with a stranger we met in front of this bar? and i were wondering if you might know of a place that takes care of children. and not days."

i mean, it's a day care center. and i think people know what that means. it's not at the CENTER of town, but people seem to know how to find it.

anyway... don't mind me. i'm cranky. it's been a long day.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) maybe i'll catch an earlier train and get home in time for 'modern family'? maybe.
2) post-it notes. genius.
3) determination! i realized this afternoon that i have about ten days to finish watching SIXTEEN (alphabetical) movies!!!!! YIKES!!! i think i can, i think i can...
4) there's a kid in the infant program who usually gets freaked out by men, so, we were a bit worried that he would shy away from me. or, y'know, flip. but we were hanging out this morning and he seemed to think i was the cat's meow. made my day.
5) i got rythym.

song of the day...
"sing sing sing" by benny goodman

movie of the day...
"easter parade" my favorite fred astaire scene of alltime(!!!) is the one in the beginning of the film, when he's schooling that kid in the toy store. LOVE it!!!

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  1. You're right - your day care center kicks ass. and it freaking rocks. we miss you!!