Monday, October 5, 2009

f.a.b.q. (frequently asked birthday questions)...

really, i wasn't sure how to say thank you for all my birthday wishes, and answer all the questions that went with them-- and then i saw my one friend's comment. she not only wished for me a happy day, but also for "many more readers of the blog!"

and i thought, "well, shoot! why should this day be all about me??? why not not make HER wishes come true!" ...and/or, why not combine all of the most commonly asked birthday questions into one place. for the benefit of the group. and because i'm lazy.

and so, here we go...


yes. it's my birthday.

and, yes, absolutely. it's been a great day! thanks for asking!

nope. no taco bell, and no cake, but plenty of pasta, and (breakfast of champions) ice cream.

yes i am old. thank you for recognizing that so publicly.

everything's great, man! no complaints!

what's a viejo?

aww, i miss you too!

it was the name of charles foster kane's sled.

that was YOU on the tappen zee???

ahh, yes! tkc!

yes, i do remember birthday cupcakes!

dude, you spelled methuselah wrong.

si, my cumpleanos has been feliz. mucho mucho.

yikes!!! maybe you should have a doctor take a look at that.

yeah, brother, we really do need to chill!


ps3? movies? good friends? a lot of love? check, check, check, and check.

yes, i am sexy.

i think friday's still good.

nom, nom, nom.

yes. yes, you are my favorite.


muah-- right back atcha, babycakes!'s not the artic ocean anymore??? wha--?!

kate winslet? really???

what the hell is spiral math?!

more readers of the blog! w'hoooooo! i'm all for it! spread the word!


five more things i fell in love with today...

1) i'm kicking fantasy football arse these days!
2) brett favre.
3) i'm gonna go see toy story 1 & 2 in 3D tomorrow afternoon!!!
4) am hoping to see some good amigas over the next few days, too!
5) yeah, seriously... bacon.

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