Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the alphabet movie challenge, E through H...

E is for "enter the dragon". one of the best martial arts movies ever made, and absolutely the best flick bruce lee was ever in. it's funny, a week after i saw this again, a friend on facebook randomly wrote something about how he was watching it. and then a friend of his wrote, "hey! i was just watching this, too!" it is a classic.

still, i have to say what struck me most was how dated parts of it were. it's a lesson i'll put in the back of my mind, when it's time for me to think about creating a timeless character on screen: in "the good, the bad, and the ugly", clint eastwood never called anyone a jive turkey.

F is for "friday night lights." it's hard to put into words the passion of a football fan. harder still to explain an entire town of people obsessed with a team of high school athletes. i don't fully understand it myself.

but, i also know that, after a prime time game a few years ago-- after something like 2 winning seasons in well over 100 years of football at rutgers university-- when the scarlet knights beat down a nationally ranked louisville cardinal team to finally gain respect, this jersey boy stood up and cheered, with a tear in his eye.

"friday night lights" is the movie for anyone who has ever taken a loss personally, or has shouted, "WE DID IT!" even though he was nowhere near the field of play. and i like to think it's also for those people who think we're crazy.

G is for "ghost wold". i own three movies with the word "ghost" in the title, and the worst of the bunch is "ghostbusters." how weird is THAT?!

thora birch and scarlet johansson star as two high school graduates who don't quite fit into a world they'd... rather not fit into. and steve buscemi has never been better. which is saying a lot.

H is for "high noon." another movie i'd somehow never seen before. i think every kid should see this before he walks into high school. it's a brilliant morality play, asking, "do you still do what you know is right even when the world is trying to convince you to turn away?" i think it's impossible to watch this without putting yourself into gary cooper's shoes. and i'm pretty sure i would've run away sometime before high 10:30.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) billy bob thorton.
2) philly cheesesteaks. from PHILLY. (i kind of want to sue subway tonite for false advertisement).
3) i made an a-team joke that fell very flat this morning, but i still think it's funny. our classroom, i explained to a guest, "is called toddler A, because we're Awesome."
"i see," she said, "so, you're the A-team."
"yes," said i, "which is ironic, because last year, we had a kid in our group who had a mohawk and a whole bunch of jewelry around his neck."
to which she said, "huh???"
and then a whole bunch of crickets started chirping.
it was kinda awkward, actually...

4) hey, it turns out adam bradley pretty much rocks!!! i was telling people i work with about my blogs this morning, and i kept hearing great things. turns out, he's a big supporter of early childhood education, and has even donated a big honkin' chunk of money to the day care center i work in! small world, eh?
5) grace kelly.

song of the day...
"devil got my woman" by skip james

movie of the day...
actually, the best "ghost" movie i have in my collection (with one of the worst titles in the history of cinema) "ghost dog: way of the samurai".

i know, i know, but trust me. this movie kicks serious, serious ass.

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