Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the alphabet movie challenge, A through D...

A is for "away we go," directed by sam mendes. hands down, one of the best films of the year! john krasinski and maya rudolph play burt and verona, a couple in search of a place to call their own. i saw mendes interviewed on charlie rose a few months ago, and he said the thing that attracted him to the script was the fact that this was a couple who were in it together. that, while so many movies portray couples who are falling apart, these were two people who knew how good they had it. they were at a crossroads, and didn't have anything else in their lives figured out except that they were in love. and were both determined not to take it for granted.

and, in that way, i thought it was so much more powerful a film than most romantic comedies you could mention. this wasn't boy meets girl. it was boy met girl a long time ago, and is still crazy about her. and she digs him a whole lot, too.

B is for "bottle rocket". this is one of those movies that i've owned for about a year now and, embarrassingly, have just never made time for. i'd never seen it before last night. which is weird, because it was the directorial debut of one of my favorites, wes anderson. i don't think he's made a bad movie yet. and this one is pretty much impossible not to love.

C is for one of the best movies ever made-- 'citizen kane.' i could see this over and over and still be in love with it. actually, i have seen it over and over and am still in love with it. i first saw it when i was in high school. it was on in the middle of the night, and i'd planned to record it (wow, remember vcr's????) and go back to bed. but when it came on, i thought, "well, i'll just watch the first five minutes..." and that turned out to be the quickest two hours of my life. so amazing to think this was made in 1941! i hope i'm that alive when i turn 68!

D is for "the dark knight". kind of impossible to talk about it without focusing on heath ledger, i s'pose. and for good reason. really, i think the film as a whole is excellent, but ledger was just mesmerizing. every skip in his step, every sadistic laugh-- his every syllable was simultaneously over the top and completely believable. he was both positively terrifying and ...genuinely funny. he was everything that character needed to be. and everytime he was on the screen, i was on the edge of my seat.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) great acting!!!
2) i didn't win the lottery (again!), BUT!!!! i did find TWO BUCKS in the washing machine!!!!!! w'hoooooooooooooooooo!!!
3) the catwoman sent me these cards in the mail awhile ago, and i kind of forgot about them until tonite. they're very fun, though-- filled with these great conversation starters like, "what is the speed of darkness?" and, "if man evolved from monkeys and apes, why are there still monkeys and apes?" good times!
4) my friend sent me a TON of fantastic blog advice today! it's all great stuff, although... i have to be honest, the chances are pretty slim of me putting capital letters at the beginning of my sentences.
5) the hope that all of my younger friends will be nice enough not to ask me, "hey, what's a vcr?"

song of the day...
"the union forever" by the white stripes

movie of the day...
the A through D movie i most wanted to watch other than the one i wound up with?
"about a boy"

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  1. Remember the double vcr's so you could tape a tape! Rent them from blockbuster, record them, keep them forever! *sigh* Those were the days.