Wednesday, September 16, 2009

why i'm not bashing kanye...

when kanye west ripped the microphone out of taylor swift's hands the other night, i was watching football. i didn't even remember the video music awards were on until i glanced over at my facebook page to see about a dozen of my friend's status updates. and they all said pretty much the same thing: "kanye!!! asshole!!!"

i saw the incident on youtube about an hour later, and watched it again the next day when mtv re-aired it. (and if you still haven't seen it, by the way, i'm sure mtv is replaying it again, right now. clearly, i have no way of knowing when you're reading these words, but mtv does tend to replay their awards shows four times a day for the next year and a half. anything, i guess, to keep them from airing actual videos.)

anyway, i was surprised to see a few people in the crowd cheering kanye on. i dunno, maybe i misinterpreted this-- maybe they were cheering the fact that he eventually left the stage. or maybe they had a tiny laptop with them and were watching the same football game i was. or maybe they weren't paying attention to what kanye did at all, because they hadn't stopped cheering for janet jackson. but, it looked to me like these ignorant few were in total agreement with kanye, rudeness be damned. and i thought that was more unbelievable than anything else.

i mean, y'got this --what? 17 year old kid? the smile on her face so endearing, and she's saying that this was a dream of hers that she never thought would be possible, actually coming true... and then out of nowhere, some dude comes over and tells her-- "well, yeah, congrats, but, compared to beyonce, you suck ass."

it was terrible. and so completely uncalled for. how in the world could anyone find anything to cheer for in the big heaping pile of turd that was kanye's faux pas?

i don't know. i'm asking. and i'm not writing this blog to defend his actions at all.


i will say this. the only difference between what kanye did three nights ago, and the worst thing i've ever done or said or thought, is how many cameras were on us at the time.

i get the kanye backlash. and i'm not saying he's a prince. but what i am telling you is that i am a lot more far-from-perfect than anyone i know. and i'm incredibly grateful that my worst moments were never displayed in front of millions of people. because i think it's just ugly human nature to dwell upon these kanye-esque occurances for days and weeks and months, because it's much easier to do this than it is to focus on how much ass we suck. compared to beyonce.

one of the things i read on facebook that night said, "i only own one kanye west cd, and it's already in the garbage." and, i'm sorry, friend, but i thought that was just dumb. 3 nights later, three hours later, three seconds later, that was just dumb. i own somewhere around 1,800 or 1,900 cds, and if i threw away every one of them that featured a singer, rapper or musician who acted like an asshole at one point in his or her life, i'd probably be left with one: andy williams' greatest hits.

am i going to throw away "late registration"?
absolutely not.

would i rather have lunch with ron howard than kanye west?

but, whatever. i'm moving on.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) apologies.
2) when one of our new 18 month olds fed her breakfast to her baby doll yesterday. cute!!! messy, but cute.
3) speaking of cute kids-- did you see this? last night, a guy at a phillies game made a great catch of a foul ball. while collecting high fives from the crowd around him, he handed the ball to his young daughter... who immediately tossed the ball back onto the lower level!!! gone forever!!! HA! it was actually really adorable. the dad just looked at his kid for a second, like, "baby, what the FREAK?!?!?!?!" then gave his little girl a hug. probably waited his entire life to catch a foul ball, but quickly realized, at the end of the day, it was just a ball.
4) jimmy carter. big, honking controversial statement he made yesterday. and, sadly, i think he was right on the money. i really love jimmy carter. he says what's on his mind, but he always seems to choose his words very, very carefully.
5) forgiveness.

song of the day...
"gold digger" by kanye west f/ jamie foxx

movie of the day...
"dave chapelle's block party" i LOVE this movie!!!

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  1. AWWW I fell more in love with my little Peytie on Saturday night at Chili's when she was feeding her toy shark some of her corndog :-) I totally love kids!!!

    Oh and your blogs are fun to read, if I had your number I would text you about missing days too