Saturday, September 19, 2009

"is sticks a shape?" hall of fame blog, part three...

just when you thought it was safe...

here's another hall of fame blog!

but, before you dig in, i'd just like to point something out. upon further review, i noticed tonite that, when i wrote down a previous entry into the hall of fame (the original document, not the blog), i misspelled the word "octopus."

this had to be a year and a half ago...? and i just noticed it tonite.

so, there it is, friends-- more evidence that the infamous "smart lady" is not the only contributer to this great hall.


and yikes.

anyway... enjoy!

"i can't speak today. i sound like yoga."

"we have to work on your oral/odor skills."

"c'mon, kids, let's sit down! crisscross crapplesauce!"

"ouch! this spalsa is sicey!"

"remember what shapes we used to make our dredels? triangles, squares and sticks! ...wait, is sticks a shape?"

"i think i'm getting a brain asthma-rism."

"i don't know, i think he has dyslexia of the brain."

"my tongue feels hot today."

"friday happened on friday."

"hey, did you tooken the, uhm..."

"look at how close my thigh is to my heart!"

"it's not messy. it's just piles of things."

"i need to go to the dental visit."

another smart lady: "scottish people say 'top of the morning, right?' "
me: "irish people."
another smart lady: "oh. what kind of accent do irish people have? oh...... an irish accent."

"without water, the ocean animals would not live."

"i had to fire extinguish it."

"what was it? the steel drum? the banjo? ......the BONGOS! yeah ...bongos."

"j.r.r. tolkien! yes! from 'the lord of the flies'!"

"that's weird. that clock is way off. says it's 3 o'clock, but... oh... uhm, no, actually, it says 12:15, doesn't it?"

"OW!!! ...i just took a deep breath, and the snot went right into my brain! REALLY hurts!!!"

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) i think we have enough material to have a hall of fame blog, part 4.
2) i saw 15 kids at a bus stop yesterday morning. this made me feel really, really, really good. i can't even tell you how many times i've been late for work in the past, because i was stuck behind a bus in mt. kisco that would stop at EVERY freakin' house on the street. every house!!! urgh, God forbid a 16 year old kid has to walk twenty extra steps to get to his neighbor's curb.


3) usc lost today!!! w'hoooooooo!!! i guess bill withers put the hex on their receivers? i haven't seen the highlights yet, but i'm betting that's what happened. made them look like they had his grandma's hands! m'hm...
4) :) someone told me something cool last night, but i'm sworn to secrecy. it won't affect many of you at all, but it made me happy!
5) tonite, because of me, my spell checker learned the word, "crapplesauce."

song of the day...
"lovely day" by bill withers (if you don't already own it, run out and get his greatest hits cd! he's fantastic!)

movie of the day...
"the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring"

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