Thursday, September 17, 2009

jimmy carter and, of course, starfucker...

a coupla' things tonite...

first, i wanted to briefly elaborate on something i mentioned last night about president jimmy carter. a friend emailed me about this, and asked me if i did not think carter had unfairly put all white people in a bad light by "bringing race into this whole thing." and by "saying that if you disagree with obama, you're a racist."

and i told him, "no, because, clearly, i think the ignorant chuckleheads who carry signs to 'tea parties' of president obama as curious george have done a LOT more than jimmy carter has 'to bring race into this whole thing'!"

and, more importantly, from where i'm sitting, that is not at all what carter was talking about. look again at what he said...

"i think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. that he is african-american."

this is what i meant last night when i said i admired how president carter chooses his words carefully. he didn't say, "an overwhelming portion of those who disagree with president obama." he said, "an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity..."

now, i can't be sure what he was thinking when he said, "intensely demonstrated animosity" but i can guess that would mean-- oh, i dunno, another sign at a pep rally featuring our president as some sort of voodoo witch doctor? or maybe he was thinking of how rush limbaugh found humor in the song, "barack the magic negro"?

i don't think president carter was speaking just to hear himself speak, i don't think he was speaking just to get attention, and i do not think he was being unfair to anyone. i think he was speaking up because he saw something wrong, and he did not want to ignore it.

and, now, as they say, for something completely different...

i've been a fan of paste magazine since their first issue. they've introduced me to dozens of amazing bands i would've never have heard otherwise. and because i'm such a loyal fan, and because i'm so genuinely awesome, but mostly because i'm on their mailing list, i receive an email from them every week. and it's always a good read.

i especially liked the article they sent yesterday. and, i'm sorry, but this has to be in the top ten headlines of the decade...

"Starfucker Realizes It's Named Starfucker, Holds Contest for New Band Name"


i have to admit, i've never even heard of these guys, but it turned out to be a great article (written by justin jacobs) about these dudes who created a band and came up with the name as a joke, thinking that no one would ever hear them. and then, to their amazement, people started listening and digging their stuff, which made them collectively say... "uhm...... oops."

so, they decided to hold a contest on their myspace page to rename themselves. the winner gets a free concert at their house, and bragging rights for all eternity. or something.

believe it or not, we had the same exact problem with the last band i sang in. except our band's name was rated pg. and we sadly never made it into paste magazine. at any rate, what with my wealth of experience on the topic, i thought i could maybe help them out with a few more appropriate band name suggestions. here are just a few off the top of my head...

1) cometfucker.
2) the motherfucking rays of sunshine.
3) andy williams and the starfuckers.

actually, that's all i have so far. pretty good though, right???

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) bands that think things through.
2) i'm not a huge fan of usc-- especially after they trounced my ohio state buckeyes recently. but it was cool to see coach pete carroll bring in legendary (and yet tragically under-appreciated) singer bill withers for a little pep talk.
3) the thought that someday soon the landlord will see that his dryer will be fixed, and i can actually do some laundry!
4) that, even if the dryer isn't fixed by this weekend, i still have five dollars left on a target gift card, which should be enough to get... something. right?

song of the day...
"can't get used to losing you" by andy williams
(yes, carla, i do have an andy williams cd! and y'don't know what yer missin' kid)

movie of the day...
"jimmy carter man from plains" great documentary from jonathan demme.

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  1. Hey, I already had dibs on "The Motherfucking Rays of Sunshine!"