Sunday, September 20, 2009

"that's what she said"

if you haven't seen the tv show 'the office' you're really missing out on some good stuff. it has one of the best casts on television and the writers are nothing short of superb. how else do you explain what is essentially a pretty dumb joke being so damn funny for six years and counting?

steve carell plays michael scott. basically the world's worst boss. with the world's worst sense of humor. for years, he's continued this running joke in which he hears something that might sound vaguely like an innuendo, and saying, "that's what she said" after it.

an example...

"oh my gosh! that's HUGE!"
"that's what she said."

immature? absolutely.
hysterical? yes.

we've had a lot of fun with it at work over the past few months. wrote a list which we put near "the hall of fame." we're big with writing things down.

anyway... i thought i'd share what we had so far. yes, we have actually heard people say these things. but names have been withdrawn to protect the innocent. but mostly because i'm on here more than once.

remember, to play along at home, all you have to do is say "that's what she said" after every one of these quotes. good times.

"well, i had a big one last thursday."

"we have to make sure that thing doesn't pop out tonite."

"okay, now it's getting stiffer."

"you know what's overwhelming about your thing?"

"that's a big chopstick y'got there!"

"now we're going to learn how to grasp the tip."

"well, that is a big chunk of wood."

"it's hard and it's big so you really have to suck on it."

"he got a lot of penetration in the backfield."

"i don't like the soft ones."

"do you want me to hold it while you slide it in?"

"look at the snake! it's so big!"

"i have to go downstairs because that's where my box is. it's dark down there."

"whenever you get inside the hole, i don't remember it lasting more than five minutes."

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) steve carell
2) jenna fischer
3) john krasinsky
4) rainn wilson
5) ed helms

song of the day...
"the big guns" by jenny lewis w/ the watson twins

movie of the day...
"8 mile"

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