Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the hungry, hungry octopus: hall of fame blog, part 2...

just a quick update, i was right: the smart lady laughed a lot when she read the previous hall of fame blog. i knew she would, though, as she frequently breaks the silence of our naptime room with a steady stream of snorts and guffaws. we'll look around for a moment to see what's going on and then we'll ask, "oh. are you reading the hall of fame again?"


again, it's all for fun, and these works of art do not entirely belong to the smart lady. just the really, really good ones. :) here we go...

"mint tastes minty!"

"at Easter sometimes the Easter bunny wears an Easter bunny mask."

"gracias! that's the spanish word for hello!"

"are they bike-packing?"

"it's gimantis!"

me: "how do you spell 'quiche'?"
smart lady: "key, e, y... wait... no."

"it's not a pro of mine. it's a major con of me."

"ooh, and look! her dress is made out of material!"

me: "hey, guess which band is opening the grammy's? they haven't been together in about 20 years or so."
smart lady: "poison?"
me: "no, it's a good band."
smart lady: "pink floyd?"
me: "no, but you got the first letter right both times!"
smart lady: "oh! is it poison?"

me: "it's a riddle. what has a mouth but doesn't eat?"
smart lady: "an octopus? no, wait... they eat."

"...y'know? from 'willy wonka'? the humpa lumpa's?"

"next week, we're celebrating our culture. my family's from italy, yours is from england, and nikkis is from africa-america."

"patience... is in the eye of the beholder."

"a baby horse is called a fowl."

smart lady: "...wasn't it william churchill?"
me: "winston churchill?"
smart lady: "...oh, wait, no, i meant w.c. fields."

(after answering a complex math question)... "how proud of you are me???"

"is there a mayor of new hampshire? ...no, because it's such a small state!"

"seven plus six equals... twelve...?"

"one shop stopping!"

"because that's how smart about how i am."

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) bike-packing with w.c. churchill throughout the small state of new hampshire, while savoring our mint-flavored key-sh.
2) gift cards to target.
3) my farmville homies and i are going to citi field this weekend!!!!
4) september means football's right around the corner!!!!!!!
5) sting.

song of the day...
"every little thing she does is magic" by the police

movie of the day...
"into the wild" emile hirsch is a rock star.


  1. I'm pretty sure the Humpa Lumpas were in the porn spinoff "Wonka's Willy in the Chocatate Factory".

    Huh, look at that. I didn't know it was possible to offend oneself! I am shocked and appalled, me.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    This is Dani - Kristin's friend! We met an AGE ago and I saw your blog on her Facebook. Oh my god - I just read all of the posts and laughed at the Hall of Fame stuff until the tears were pouring down my face. You are hilarious and so are your buds. I miss the hall of fame stuff I used to write with my friends... So funny! Thanks for the giggles!