Friday, August 14, 2009

unfinished song lyric blog, number one...

now... i'm not saying i'm a good songwriter. and the following is not what many would consider a good song. it's not even what i would consider a good song, but i like it. besides, as bob dylan once said, "don't worry if it's not good enough for anyone else to hear. just sing. sing a song. lalalalala. lalalalalala. lalalalalalala..."

okay, well, no, bob dylan never said that. but he should have. point being this, i love writing songs. and this one makes me smile. dammit.

i was thinking about a conversation i had with a friend this week in which she encountered one too many men on the streets and subways of new york city who were... not exactly behaving like gentlemen. this led me to recall an unfortunate incident another friend of mine had several years back. while jogging, and simultaneously minding her own business, she was approached by a group of men in a car who rolled down their window and asked, "hey, baby... wanna hump?"

as if she would stop right there in her tracks, and say, "YES!!! how did you KNOW?!?!?! urgh, i have been DYING to hump ALL DAY!!! come on over here, you big, romantic stud!!!"

so, those guys are the extreme. and this song isn't about them. instead, i wanted to write about those guys who are kind of like that on the surface, because, maybe, that's all they know. but, deep down, there's a sincerity and a sweetness to them that they just have no idea how to get out. if they would just be themselves, of course, they'd be much better off, but instead, their words come out a bit jumbled and... well, they don't rhyme.

this is about the guy who can't seem to find the right words to say, even when they're right in front of him, because he's too worried about the image of the guy he thinks he's supposed to be.

anyway, this is what i have so far. and be gentle with your criticism. it's not poetry, it's a rock song...

"hey everybody, it's friday night
everything is so great, everything is all kosher.

gone out to party with all my friends
good times are gonna last, they'll never, ever be over

hey, mamasita, you're looking real good
you're the finest thing in my neighbor's front yard.

i love you, baby, so much i wanna cry
you're the hottest thing since the 4th of september."

okay, well... yeah. maybe it is poetry.


the five things i fell in love with today...

1) being yourself.
2) the restaurant "thai angel's" on lexington avenue in mt. kisco, new york.
3) the cute little baby girl in our infant program who was decked out in a run dmc shirt yesterday. sweeeeeeet! "she told me to crawl this wayyyy! babble this wayyyy..."
4) the curious certainty that the same guy who asked me where the dmv was in white plains was the same exact guy who asked me for the time in mt. kisco last week. small world! ...or maybe hes stalking me.
5) the thought that it doesn't really matter if i don't know how to spell "mamasita" because... again, it's a rock song.

song of the day...
"peter piper" by run dmc

movie of the day...
the best one so far in 2009, "up". if it's still playing somewhere near you, go out and see it! it's so great!

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