Saturday, August 15, 2009

pool sharks and bad marketing...

my dad and i were walking down the street in camden, new jersey a few years ago, on our way to try the new restaurant a block or two away from his office. we were about ten steps outside of this place when a woman ran out the door in something of a panic and proceeded to lose her brunch all over the sidewalk. deftly maneuvering our feet from the splatter, my dad and i kept on walking. as we did, he turned to me and said, calmly, "well... there's a ringing endorsement, enit?"

i was thinking about that phrase this morning as i saw a VERY hefty man... in a huge t-shirt for the local gym down the road. it's kind of like... if you saw nick nolte climb into a car after he got that mugshot awhile back? and he had a sticker on his bumper that said, "pete's hair salon"? wouldn't you be really pissed off if you were pete???

i dunno, i'm just glad i don't have that disease where you inadvertently say the first thing that pops into your mind to random passersby every other weekend. because, if i did, i would have said, "now, why would a gym even make an XXXL t-shirt? that's just bad marketing." and then i would have been pummeled. justifiably pummeled...

or, no, actually, i think i could have outrun him, he was REALLY large.

ANYway, all this to say that i'm in a weight loss contest at work. i'm happy to tell you that out of the four of us brave souls who are in it... i am in the lead!!! i lost 13 and a half pounds in one month!!! ...and then i celebrated this fact by eating most of lower westchester county, and gained three and a half pounds back. three and a half pounds in only one week.


what can i say? it's a struggle. but, i am determined to fight the good fight. my goal is to be slim enough by december of this year to be able to regain the nickname i had, back when i was a pool shark in south jersey: williamstown skinny. i'll keep you updated.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) the quick observational wit of my father.
2) that i finally got my hdtv hooked up today!!! lol, i'd forgotten that i needed to order a new cable box, so i had to wait until today for it. but it looks GREAT! w'hooooooooooooo!!!
3) that i can do a mean morrissey impersonation. or, i think i can. i can't comfirm this, really, because i seem to always be surrounded by the sort of people who would ask, "who's morrissey?" and "the smiths? ...what?" and "why are you making your voice sound like that? are you okay?"
4) this facebook status update i stumbled onto... "save the planet. it's the only one with chocolate."
5) that we live in a country where you can give yourself a pool shark nickname, even though you truly, truly suck at pool.

song of the day...
"you're the one for me, fatty" by morrissey

movie of the day...
"district 9" i just saw it today-- absolutely brilliant!!!!!!! i loved every minute of it!


  1. I so wish I could hear your Morrissey impression! I have a Smiths CD in my car stereo right now, so I certainly would know what you were talking about:)