Sunday, August 16, 2009

or-reg-a-yes? or-reg-a-no, thank you.

short blog tonite, as i'm not feeling 100% and need to get to sleep soon. i'd thought i may have picked up a bit of the flu, but the more i think about it, it might have been something i ate.

like i said before, i can't cook.

not sure what it was exctly, but ...i'm fairly certain it was the oregeno. does oregeno go bad??? we were cooking with it awhile back at the day care, and they handed out a few samples for us to take home in little ziploc bags. which was kind of funny, actually, as it looked suspiciously like another green substance that some people tend to put in little ziploc bags. i didn't quite make the connection, but a coworker did, and wrote in large letters "OREGENO" before she put it in everyone's cubby.

good move.

i had an idea that we could make it a bit more obvious and write, "THIS IS NOT DOOBIE!!!" on the bags, but quickly thought better of it.


the five things i fell in love with today...

1) the three hundred and forty something days in the year when i feel perfectly healthy.
2) my "the office" page-a-day calender. makes me smile.
3) progresso soup! mmmmmmmm... chicken noodle!
4) the mets won today!!!!!!! y'gotta believe!!!
5) the butter-like voice of michael mcdonald.

song of the day...
"little green bag" by the george baker selection

movie of the day...
"reservoir dogs" in celebration of the new film "inglourious basterds" i have declared this to be quentin tarantino week!!! w'hooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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  1. lol, oregano doesn't go "bad" it just loses its flavor over time (a looong time). Silly boy. I miss working at a daycare center...I need more social interaction! I should cook for you some time. I'm excellent!