Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST: last minute thoughts and predictions!!!

i wake up at five o'clock in the morning to catch my train, and i'm old. so staying up until 11 is kind of a big deal. that in mind, i went to bed ridiculously early (before nine is all i'm going to tell you) last night in order to stay wide awake tonite for the season premiere of the best show in the history of television, LOST.

which was dumb, as i kept on waking up in the middle of the night anyhow, like a kid on Christmas eve, thinking, "ooh!!!! LOST is on tonite!!!"

i've never been more excited to watch a tv show before. maybe a super bowl, or two... maybe.

it's crazy-- even my subconscious is getting involved in it! i'm telling you the truth-- i keep seeing the number 108 EV-ER-Y-WHERE!!!! i'll look at the clock and notice it's 1:08 in the afternoon. i was watching a movie last weekend, and stopped it randomly at 108 minutes. i'm reading the book 'seabiscuit' and on page 174 they talked about a filly carrying 108 pounds on her back. i got 108 bonus points on a game i play on my ipod. i was budgeting my traveling expenses for the next few weeks and came up with $108. even this blog-- i never noticed this before, but i wrote 108 postings in 2009!

it's kind of almost freaking me out! lol, my friends have told me i should have played hurley's numbers in the lottery tonite! lol

not sure what the numbers mean, by the way. nor am i certain about much on the island, but, after diving through every single episode of every single season, every bonus feature on every dvd, and every easter egg i could find, here are a few thoughts...

1) i still think somehow, the series is going to end with jack and kate being laid to rest in the caves, only to discover themselves years later, as "adam and eve".

2) i have no idea if the atomic bomb changed the future or not, but i think, even if it did-- as we've previously learned from eloise hawking-- course correction will take over somehow. the island will find a way to bring them all back.

3) jacob. i'm kind of leaning towards the thought that he may represent God. in last season's finale, he was talking to that other man on the beach (the devil?), and it seemed to me that what was going on there was something like a test of faith. a debate that had been going on for a long, long time. the man dressed in black said something to the effect of, "you keep bringing people back to this island, jacob, still trying to prove me wrong, but they're only going to fight, hurt and murder each other." i'm not sure, but i am starting to suspect that the survivors of oceanic 815 were just the latest pawns in the debate: will good or evil prevail?

4) when locke first met jacob in that shack in the middle of the woods? wasn't jacob at all, but "the devil". (i'm just gonna keep on calling him the devil because johnny cash already took the name "the man in black"). whoever it was called out to locke, "help me!" jacob seemed to be in no need of any help whatsoever, but "the devil" was looking for a loophole, right? and he seemed to have found it, somehow, when he was able to take over locke's body after ben strangled him.

5) i'm pretty sure about number four (although i don't know if i explained it quite like i wanted to-- gimmie a break, it's complicated!) but number five is something i'd bet money on! i am 100% sure i know how richard alpert came to be on the island. he's been there for a lonnnnnnnng, long time? and he was seen delicately fixing the sails of a ship in a bottle...?

richard alpert was on the black rock!!! the ship that crashed on the island wayyyyyyyy, way back before your mother was born!

that would also explain richard's eyeliner, i s'pose. probably met johnny depp while vacationing in the carribean and thought, "hm... i wonder if that'd be a good look for me?"

okay, maybe not. and maybe i have absolutely NO idea what i'm talking about, but i have absolutely no problem with that! LOST is a show that is so unbelievably well written, well shot and well performed, that i'm really just content to sit back and take everything in. i have enormous expectations for this season, and i can't wait to see what they'll come up with next!!!

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) j.j. abrams
2) damon lindelof
3) carlton cuse
4) crazy LOST fans everywhere. am specifically thinking of friend's of friends over at professor thom's bar in nyc. watching the show together on a big, honking screen and offering free drinks if the plane crash never happened! LOL! good times!
5) evangeline lily... i'm just going to say it again... evangeline lily.

movie of the night...
LOST. think of it as one, gigantic mini-series. and start from the beginning.

song of the night...
"mr. eko" by the oceanic six. absolutely hysterical!


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  1. Sooo...are we going to get a follow-up blog after you watched last night's episode? Just sayin'...