Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the more things change...

i was all for it when President Obama spoke about change we could believe in, but y'know, sometimes, it's just nice to see that some things will always stay the same. even if it's something disgusting.

there's a woman that i used to see all the time when i took the scenic route home from the train after work. if i had to guess her age, i'd say maybe late fifties. she has dark grey hair, and a smile you can see coming at you from about a block.

it's not exactly a striking resemblance, but if i ever found out that she was directly related to the dude who played the skipper on gilligan's island, i wouldn't really be shocked.

she's not the only familiar person i walk past every day, but she's easily the most memorable. because every time i pass her-- every single time i pass her-- she spits into the trash can next to us. same trash can. same time of day. never fails. P'TOOOOOO!

the first few times i saw her do this, i just thought, "ew." didn't put a whole lotta thought into it, really, just, "ew." then i wondered if what she was doing might have been something of a mating call. kind of like a thing they do in west virginia when they want to attract a member of the opposite sex? "hey there, hot stuff! P'TOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

not really my thing, but, hey, to each their own.

anyway, i haven't taken to scenic route in awhile, but i felt like a leisurely stroll this afternoon. and i'd kind of forgotten about the spitting skipper, to tell you the truth, but sure enough, there she was. the hair. the smile. the trash can. P'TOOOOOO!

i don't know why this made me so happy.

stability? tradition? or, hey, maybe she's wearing me down a bit. "urgh, why does she always spit in that trash can?! it's so nasty! ...and yet, i... i can't look away!!! ...hubba, hubba."

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) 'modern family' -- funniest show on tv right now?
2) clean socks.
3) 'godfather' movies on bluray!!!
4) i finally finished the cd i promised brandon on the west coast for being the 204th (or something) member of the facebook group for the five things i fell in love with today. some good stuff on there.
5) i've written it down as "P'TOOOOO!" but i'm almost always walking around with ear buds clogging everything up, so i have never actually heard her spit. and i think i'm happier about that than anything else.

song of the day...
"touch of grey" by the grateful dead.

movie of the day...
"fatal attraction"

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  1. I concur with the modern family comment - with the exception of 30 Rock