Sunday, February 7, 2010


First reader to give me the right answers to all FIVE questions gets a FREE CD!!!! And, if you can convince me that you got these answers without looking them up online (cheaters), you will also get a FREE BONUS HIDDEN TRACK!!!

actually, i don't really care if you look them up online. i don't think anyone's gonna get 'em right anyway, google or not (i am a super bowl junkie. and my questions rock). so, whoever comes the closest to answering all five questions right will get a free cd.

good luck to ya...

1) Name each NFL franchise to win more than one Super Bowl.

2) How many starting quarterbacks have led two different franchises to Super Bowls, who are they, and which teams did they lead?

3) The Denver Broncos beat the Atlanta Falcons 34 to 19 in Super Bowl XXXIII. Who was the last quarterback to take a snap on the field that night?

4) Who has four Super Bowl victories as a head coach?

a) Bill Walsh
b) Vince Lombardi
c) Chuck Knoll
d) Both A and C
e) All of the above

5) Name the player who caught the first Super Bowl touchdown thrown by Joe Montana.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) that it's not raining in miami today!
2) The Who!
3) Ridiculous bets. i'm not a betting man, really, but i think it's hysterical that you can put money on how many windmills pete townsend will throw down during the halftime show! LOL!
4) The thought that maybe i should be a betting man-- i've been watching the superbowl for 30 years now, and i'm 24 and 6. last year, i even called the score! having said that...
5) ...i have absolutely no idea who's going to win tonite. less than two hours til gametime, and i have no clue. but here's what i'm thinking...

i'd love to see either team win. it'd be great, of course, to see the city of new orleans win it. and i really think they can. i was very impressed with drew brees and that O line in the nfc championship game, the way they handled the pass rush of the minnesota vikings. even before dwight freeney looked a bit banged up, i wondered if the saints could have a field day. so, if new orleans takes it, i won't be surprised at all.

HOWEVER... i just have a lot of faith in peyton manning. i think he's the best qb i've ever seen, playing at the absolute top of his game. he's got a big hill to climb tonite-- it's gotta be a big honkin' shootout-- but i think he's more than up to the challenge.

colts 44, saints 38

song of the day...
"indianapolis" by menudo

movie of the day...
"when the levees broke: a requiem in four acts" devastating spike lee documentary on katrina, and its aftermath.


  1. one has attempted to answer these questions yet.
    I think I should get a CD just for commenting.
    You know you want to do it.
    Don't make me answer the football questions.
    Come on...I'll even let you win at Lexulous. want to do it.

  2. Okay,
    I gave others a chance to answer without looking up the answers...let's see how close I got.
    Others like football too.

    1.10 teams
    Green Bay Packers
    Pitts Steelers
    Dallas Cowboys
    Miami Dolphins
    Oakland Raiders
    San Fran 49ers
    Wash Redskins
    NY Giants
    Denver Broncos
    NE Patriots
    (11 if you count Baltimore..Colts and Ravens, but I don't)

    2.Two players have started at quarterback for two different teams: Craig Morton (Cowboys in V, Broncos in XII) and Kurt Warner (Rams in XXXIV and XXXVI, Cardinals in XLIII).

    3.Quarterback Brister-took a knee

    4. C-and it is Chuck Henry Noll (not Knoll)

    5. Earl Cooper