Wednesday, February 17, 2010


announcing the winners of the first annual "5 things i fell in love with today super bowl quiz"!!!

TWO winners, in fact! PATTI and SHOEBEE!!! w'hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

they both did great!!! or... well, no, shoebee did great. she answered every single question correctly!!! patti didn't even try to answer anything. instead, she said, "I think I should get a CD just for commenting."

pretty cheesy, really.

but, i do love blog comments. so, i'm gonna make her a cd, too. HOWEVER!!!!! as punishment for not even ATTEMPTING to take a wild guess at these questions, she will have to suffer through the torment of hearing me sing. i used to sing in a band called earthnut. and i scared small children.

now, while shoebee truly did an awesome job without ANY assistance from google (uh huh), i'm afraid she will have to experience a similar earthnut torture, because she had the NERVE to point out that i misspelled the name chuck noll.

she was right, of course, but it bugs me that she was right. so, yeah, sorry, shoebee. your ears might never be the same.

if you're both okay with that, just email me your first and last names and where you'd like me to send the cd, what kinds of music you love, what kinds of music you hate, and, naturally, all of your credit card information.

HA!!! no, obviously, i was kidding about the credit card stuff. important to reiterate, though, please EMAIL me your info (you can do that right from my blogspot home page) --don't type all this stuff in a comment for the world to see. because, let's face it, there are a LOT of creepy people reading my blog (you know who you are).

also, i usually don't realize that someone has commented on a blog entry of mine for about a week. hence the delay in this-here announcement. so, yes, email is the way to go.

at any rate, and speaking of 'way to go'-- well done homies!!! and thanks for reading!

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) i do have this mental block about the spelling of chuck noll. and it really does bug me, as i'm one of the biggest pittsburgh steeler fans i know. but at least i know where it comes from-- attending oak knoll middle school.
2) blog comments. seriously, they make my day!!! well, 99% of them...
3) tank tops.
4) just to clarify... i love paul giamatti.
5) the creepy people who read my blog.

song of the day...
"creep" by radiohead

movie of the day...
BEST PICTURE MOVIE MARATHON!!! how could i not watch 1943's "casablanca" again? it's a classic for a reason. funny thing is, whenever i see it-- even though it's an amazing film on every level, and one of the best movies ever made-- the thing that i primarily think about is how much fun i had on the day when i first saw it. such a great day, just hanging out in philadelphia with a bunch of good friends...


  1. I must clarify, I did google all the answers. I thought my post was clear about that, but I guess it wasn't.

  2. Aww, does "used to" mean that you've given up on the Earthnut dream? Our iTunes play count will testify to our shameful love for your dulcet tones! Lackaday, Earthnut is no more! Woe, woe!

  3. Yay for me!

    ....and yay for cds!

    ....and Casablanca. Seriously. It's too good. I have a personal screening once a year and I still can't help but watch it when I come across it on tv - no matter what point it's at.