Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the moustache...

last year, i decided to get serious about losing weight, and made a bet that if i didn't lose a certain amount before the end of 2009... i would grow a moustache. i didn't come close to losing that amount, and therefore... i grew a moustache.

well, no, actually. i grew a beard. and then i shaved it into a goatee. and then, this morning, i shaved it into a moustache, took a picture, and then immediately shaved it off. because i looked exactly like paul giamatti.

so, i cheated. sort of. i mean, technically, the moustache was there (for fifty-two seconds), so, y'know... did it really matter that i was too embarrassed to walk outside the door with it attached to my face?


i dunno. but i think the important point is that i've since learned my lesson! i am, in fact, well on my way to becoming slim!!!

alright, well, no, that's not true either. far from it. i've actually gained approximately two and a half tons since january 1st, but it is lent. and i have decided to give up sitting on my fat ass every day of the week. push ups and crunches begin at dawn...

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) tom selleck.
2) rollie fingers.
3) salvador dali.
4) gene shalit.
5) mariah carey.

song of the day...
"the toucher" by the party of helicopters

movie of the day...
BEST PICTURE MOVIE MARATHON!!! "mutiny on the bounty" from 1935


  1. um....yipers.
    paul giamatti.....that's hysterical.

  2. OMG! You do look like Paul Giamatti. Word to the wise: don't make bets related to your body that affect your body. Maybe try if I lose ___ pounds, then we can go on vacation. Or if I lose ____ pounds, I can buy a new _______. Staying on a workout schedule is hard. I usually do well for a few weeks and then either I get sick or my job gets more demanding and I lose focus on working out. I'm giving up pizza and fast food for lent. Good luck to you!