Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scott Brown haikus...

Because the recent attacks on Scott Brown make as much sense to me as dedicating a blog of five haikus to a man i'll never vote for...

Fall in line, Scott Brown
or you wont gain respect from
GOP fatheads.

Party of no, Scott.
What is it you're doing, Scott?
Boo, hiss, boo, hiss, boo.

Your brain is our brain!
Thinking for yourself uncool.
Vote with us. M'hm.

A great man once said
"Hooray for filibusters!!!"
...or was that Limbaugh?

Oh snap! Let us have
A big, honking tea party!
Brown uninvited.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) tea.
2) iced tea.
3) Mr. T
4) money-back warrantees.
5) the thought that maybe-- just maybe-- there might be a politician out there who thinks about his country before his party affiliation.

song of the day...
"American idiot" by green day

movie of the day...
"state of the union"

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