Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Jersey shore...

This morning i got something of a curious email...

"As someone who has bought DVDs at, you might be interested in this week's notable new DVD releases, including 'Jersey Shore: Season One.'"

I thought that was like saying, "as someone who has previously eaten food, we thought you might be interested in this pile of armadillo vomit."

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) great memories of being at the jersey shore with my mom. we'd usually go in the fall when no one was around. very peaceful. really freggin' cold, but peaceful.
2) watching LOST. did you notice last night that hurley was picking up on my adam and eve theory??? :)
3) that i never have to worry about my hair looking like claire's does this season.
4) am thinking about starting a band called armadillo vomit...
5) being from new jersey!!!!!!

song of the day...
"glory days" by bruce springsteen

movie of the day...
"garden state"


  1. I got the same email and almost fell out of my chair laughing.

    I sure do love how Jersey Shore is shedding such a positive light on us. That show simultaneously makes me hate the idiots I used to go to school with in NJ.....and miss everything about NJ at the same time.

    ....and it makes me want to go back down the shore. It's been way too long.


  3. I love the beach in Autumn!!!

  4. After reading your blog in my office while eating lunch, at laughing loudly every few minutes, I'm afraid the VP's are beginning to think I may be a little bit retarded.

    Thanks for the laughs...