Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Karl Rove...

This morning I read a coupla' articles about Karl Rove in the USA Today. Pretty amazing stuff.

In response to the question "What's your take on President Obama's first year?" Rove said, "He came into the office with the goodwill of the American people and a real opportunity to work across party lines. Shockingly, he has not seized that moment."

But then...

"(Rove) says Republicans' reluctance to work with this White House is understandable because 'Obama spent one year dissing them.'"

So... which is it? Is he shocked that the President has not worked across party lines? Or is it the Republicans who are not working with Obama-- which would be perfectly understandable to Rove, by the way, because, after all, the President hurt their feelings?

Made me wonder why someone would say such contradictory things like this, and be so obvious about it.

But then I forgot about it, and went on with my day. Had lunch. Played with some kids. Got on the train, and walked from the station. I crossed a one way street on my stroll home, but made sure to look both ways before doing so. Y'wanna know why?

Because there are a lot of people out there who just aren't paying attention.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) Along the lines of really dumb people, I saw this ad on the side of my facebook page the other day-- they have this picture of a really young, gorgeous woman on there with a big banner headline: "37 year old men wanted!" LOL! Okay!
2) "ooh! baby baby! you're so dreamy!!! i think you're the one i've been looking for all my life!!! how old are you???" well, i'm 36 and a half. "oh. shoot... if only you were 37. goodbye."
3) I started to walk more often lately. which may or may not have something to do with one of my toddlers telling me the other day that i have a big butt.
4) I heard that espn is making a movie about vince lombardi who will be played by robert de niro! how cool is that?!
5) Barack Obama.

song of the day...
"don't worry about the government" by the talking heads

movie of the day...