Thursday, July 29, 2010

Groovy People

This is a video i did awhile back (first thing i've ever edited on iMovie), featuring "Groovy People" by Lou Rawls and pictures i've taken of complete strangers. Which is... probably illegal to post on the ol' interweb, so... here's hoping i don't get sued! W'hooooooo!


Along those lines, i figured i'd throw in a coupla' pictures of me looking like a big honking moron. Not exactly sure "well, your honor, if there's anyone who should be offended by these photos, it's me" would hold up in court, but... eh, we'll see. I do look pretty odd in a blond wig, but, whatever. In the meantime, i hope you enjoy it...

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) Really, i don't know of anyone who'd be terribly interested in this video, but it was a lot of fun to put together, so... good times.
2) Been a bit of an up and down week filled with crazy things i don't even know i'll ever blog about, but... at the end of the day, i'm blessed to have great friends around me and i still believe God knows what He's doing.
3) Being a bit wiser than i was six or seven years ago.
4) I should point something out about the homeless man you may have seen at the end of this video. While he may have appeared to have been stretching out his hand to that little boy for some spare change, he was actually offering up a high five, which the boy gave to him. The man cheered out-- something like, "Alright, man! Yeah!" ...It was a bit of an odd moment, really. Not exactly sure "surreal" covers it, but it's close enough for tonite.
5) Lou Rawls.

song of the night...
"This is the picture" by Peter Gabriel

movie of the night...
"Beautiful Girls"


  1. Hey brother,

    Fun vid! Thanks for posting. You look HAWT in a blonde wig.

    As far as the legal question goes, you're cool as long as you're taking pictures in a public place.

    Now, using a whole Lou Rawls song may be legally questionable... :)


  2. wow! who knew??? thanks, man!

    yeah, i wasn't sure about the usage of the song, but... i mean, hey, everybody digs lou rawls, right??? where's the harm???????