Monday, August 2, 2010

Brand new backdrop...

These are my, "W'hoooooooooo!!! I cleaned my apartment, and finally positioned things around so that my camera will now capture some dvds instead of my barely-folded laundry!!!" pictures.

...much more better, i'd say.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) Got the day off!!!!!! Going to use the time wisely by doing some writing, entering a crazily amazing contest, eating too much food and possibly seeing 'inception' again!!! Good to be me!!!
2) Football's right around the corner!!! Someone posted on twitter recently that we just passed the last non-football weekend we'll have until next February. Nice!
3) BREAKING NEWS!!! Yesterday, the Soda Guy-- THE SODA GUY!!!!! --after THREE consecutive days in which i saw him either naked, or in his bikini underwear-- actually said this to me, "I should really start wearing a robe..." .......(yeah... yeah, you really should).
4) Ohio State!!! Go Buckeyes!!!!!!!
5) Being secure enough in who you are to freely admit to the world that, yes, you had to go to a calendar to look up the word "February."

...also, you spelled "calendar" wrong.


song of the day...
"So Fresh, so Clean" by Outkast

movie of the day...
"Nobody's Fool" --fantastic and terribly underrated Paul Newman film! One of his best!!!

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