Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Duran Duran...

Y'know what's great about being thirty-seven? I no longer worry about what people will think of me when i make startling confessions like this one: I dig Duran Duran.

When i was a kid in the mid-80's, Duran Duran was at their peak. They were everywhere. Every single girl i knew was in love with Simon Le Bon, and every single guy i knew automatically rolled their eyes whenever he or they came up in conversation.

"Urgh, i HATE them!!! Buncha pretty boys!!! Urggggggghhhh!!!"

For years this went on. I was like a Pavlovian dog, if someone said anything remotely close to, "Hungry like the Wolf" i would instinctively want to punch a poster of something adorable.

Then, sometime after high school, they came out with the single, "Ordinary World" --a song i truly, truly wanted with all my heart to hate, but... y'know, i couldn't do it. It's just a beautiful tune. I had to give them their due, and my money. Very embarrassed to buy that album, but i couldn't help it.

Somehow after that, i found myself listening to their greatest hits-- i think a friend of mine had it on? I dunno. But i remember telling someone, "Oh, c'mon, do we have to listen to this crap? I like that one song of theirs, but, the stuff they did back in the 80's was garbage."

...which turned into, "Okay, well, that song wasn't too bad."

And then, "...Hm, actually, that was quite good, i don't remember that being as good as it was, but..."

And, "Oooooh! I haven't heard this one in YEARS! Turn it up!"

And finally, of course, "Oh no.... I freaking love Duran Duran."

Not only that, but i pretty much knew every word of the entire album by heart. How that happened, i don't know. Osmosis, or something.

Anyway, i've kept it a secret for too long. But not anymore. Simon Lebon, Nick Rhodes, Taylors... I apologize for all those things i said about you when i was in junior high. As it turns out, y'all actually rock. And i wish you well.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) in addition to duran duran, i've also been listening to a lot of michael penn recently. which brings to mind the advice i wish someone had given me when i was in college: "if you have a crush on a girl and want to make her a mix tape, make sure you don't include any songs in which the singer belts out, 'I GOT A FEELING SHE'S BEEN SLEEPING WITH THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!' three times during the chorus."
2) ibraheem youssef.
3) MADDEN football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! started building up the new franchise last night. my defense is killer.
4) i just looked up "osmosis" on wikipedia. ...i don't think that's how i knew the duran duran lyrics.
5) hairspray.

song of the day...
"Rio" by Duran Duran

movie of the day...
"A view to a kill"


  1. I actually like their older stuff better than the new...It has rocked for a long time

    What I think is real sad...Duran Duran playing over the grocery store loud system radio

  2. Duran Duran ROCKS!
    My best friend Amy just turned 38 and we had an 80s party....she wore a Duran Duran t-shirt and we spray painted Duran Duran in neon pink on her pants.


    ...and for the record...Ordinary World is one of the best songs ever!

  3. What a great post. Big of you to apologize to them, I'm sure they appreciate it :)

  4. What a wonderful post!!!! Actually, one of my very favorite songs is A View to a Kill. LOVE the building bassline. And Rio. And countless others... such an addict. Glad that you were able to come around to the dark side!