Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Justin Bieber!!!!!!! W'hoooooooooooooo!!!!!

At the risk of ruining any street cred i somehow manage to have left after my Duran Duran post... i have to tell you, i'm really digging the new Justin Bieber/Kanye West/Raekwon song.

This is honestly the first time i'd heard Bieber's voice, which, i guess, considering his popularity, is kind of shocking. Until, that is, you consider that, one: i stopped listening to the radio a few years ago. And, two: i am not an eleven year old girl. Regardless, this video i stumbled upon a few months ago was my first impression of him...

I love that video! How can you not love that video??? I mean, watch it again, and listen for the sound at the 0:05 second mark and tell me that Beethoven couldn't have constructed a beautiful symphony around it!!!



It's just perfect.

But, anyway.... I really liked the kid after i saw this. Because, truthfully, how many other stars in this situation would have been whisked away suddenly by his entourage, as if smacking your face on a door was a potential career-wrecker?

"MOVE!!! MOVE!!! JUSTIN WALKED INTO THE DOOR!!! JUSTIN WALKED RIGHT!!!! INTO!!!!! THE DOOR!!!!!!! WHAT DO WE DO?????? GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!" (van door closes, tires screech off into the distance...)

But, no, he just walked up to the cameras and said, "Hey guys... not sure if you noticed, but i'm a geek! Walked into a door over there-- can you believe it???"

Now, i'm sure, in between the "Poinnk" and the "What up?" there was a twenty minute deliberation amongst his team on how to handle the event. ("Did the paparazzi see it? I think they saw it... Crap, it's gonna be on youtube in like 15 minutes...") But i still give him credit for not shying away from the cameras at a moment when he didn't look his best. And for seeming to be genuinely okay with being a nerd.

It's good to be able to laugh at yourself, enit?

Okay, back to the song. I was surprised at how much i liked it. Bieber's voice in particular. Reminded me slightly-- slightly-- of the Jackson 5. Or... maybe not so slightly. Or maybe not a seven year old Michael, as much as a late-twenties Janet.

"Come go with me, we've got it made... Let me take you on an esc-- onnn an escapade, baby..."

Anyway, you be the judge...

Tell me what y'think!

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) I HAVE THIS WEEK OFF!!!!! So far, i really haven't put it to good use, though-- playing a lot of Madden football, watching too many movies. But i'm determined to not let the rest of the week go by without .... eh, nevermind, whatever.
2) I have the first line of a GREAT novel! I didn't really have any plans on writing a novel until i saw my friend's inspiring facebook status update yesterday: "Bad day for the organic deodorant." Seriously, how intriguing is that???
3) Yes, I, too, have walked into a glass door. I was in a hotel room with my sister in Cairo, Egypt. She was reading a book on the balcony and i walked out to tell her something, when-- POINNK! And, after a few Bieber-esque "Ow's", I thought the same thing as i did when a doctor, a few years back, diagnosed me with pneumonia... "Does this actually happen to people?"
4) Laughing at yourself... Although, y'know, sometimes the jokes aren't as funny as y'think they are. I bumped into a friend on the train yesterday afternoon, who immediately took my saying the word "food" as his cue to pat me on my increasingly large belly. "Yes... Yes, it's a whimsical visual aid. Thank you for reminding me, asshole."
5) Not hating Justin Bieber. I mean, c'mon, he's just tryin' to be cool. Cool. What else you 'spect him to dooooo?

Song of the day...
"Escapade" by Janet Jackson

Movie of the day...
"Michael Jackson's This Is It"

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