Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vote For Me! ME! MEEEEEE!!!!!

As much as i hate negative campaign ads, i think i'm starting to hate positive ones even more. I just saw a tv commercial for a candidate who will remain nameless. But, apparently, she's a saint. She helps everyone in her community, she loves animals, feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless, adores children, sings in the church choir, and her poo smells of lavender.

Reading in between the lines there on some of that-- but it was just 30 seconds of pure wonderfulness. And, at the end of the spot, she looks right into the camera and says, "My name is (Name Withheld), and I approved this message."


The ad that makes you look like Mother Teresa? That one? You're approving that one...


I mean... I dunno, but I'd think she'd want to at least TRY to look a bit humble at that point, y'know? Like, "My name is So-and-so, and... well, yes, begrudgingly, i would have to approve this message. I may not be the greatest person in the world, but, sheepishly, I have to admit it... I am, in fact, somewhat awesome."

I dunno...

The five things i fell in love with today...

1) It's a beautiful day in New York. Really pretty freaking hot, but beautiful nonetheless.
2) I'M GOING TO SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE TODAY!!!!! Which is altogether awesome, except... I think i may have a bone spur on my left heel. Which is actually quite painful. Hurts A LOT, as a matter of fact. Really, only a complete moron would consider walking around in a theme park all day with a bone spur on his left heel.
3) Captain Farmville is picking me up in about fifteen minutes.
4) Cinnamon and sugar toast.
5) I am not a politician.

song of the day...
"Poker Face" by Lady Gaga (I don't actually like this song, but just heard it in a movie trailer online, and now it's going to be stuck with me all day. Might as well get used to it, i guess)

movie of the day...
"The American" ...i saw this yesterday afternoon, and i really liked it a lot. BUT!!! There was a HUGE flaw at the end of the flick that i can not for the life of me figure out. It was one of those things where i thought... "Wait... did i miss something??? I must have missed something-- did that just happen???"

Because... i mean, it's impossible to talk about without giving anything away, but... i thought this was an extremely well-crafted film, and... for them to kind of throw in something that so obviously didn't make sense, i really think... y'know, i must've missed something.

If you've seen the movie-- send me an email, because i gotta talk to someone about this!!! It's driving me crazy!!!


  1. I’ve been following your blog for some time now and would like to invite you to follow me back.

  2. I might be going to see "The American" today. I'll let you know.