Sunday, September 12, 2010

NFL 2010

And so-- FINALLY-- we're just a few hours away from the first Sunday of the NFL season!!! W'hoooooooo!!!!!!!

I decided to make some predictions. And I hope I'm wrong. Go Pittsburgh!!!


Green Bay 13- 3
Minnesota* 10- 6
Detroit 6- 10
Chicago 3- 13

New Orleans 13- 3
Atlanta* 9- 7
Carolina 6- 10
Tampa Bay 3- 13

NY Giants 10- 6
Dallas 9- 7
Philadelphia 7- 9
Washington 6- 10

San Francisco 12- 4
Arizona 7- 9
Seattle 6- 10
St. Louis 1- 15


Baltimore 12- 4
Cincinnati* 10- 6
Pittsburgh 10- 6
Cleveland 4- 12

Indianapolis 13- 3
Houston* 12- 4
tennessee 5- 11
Jacksonville 2- 14

NY Jets 11-5
New England 10- 6
Miami 10- 6
Buffalo 3- 13

San Diego 11- 5
Kansas City 9- 7
Oakland 8- 8
Denver 5- 11

*wild card winner

The Playoffs

Wild Card Round: NFC: San Francisco routs Atlanta, Vernon Davis gets a few TDs. Minnesota wins a squeaker against the Giants, despite Brett Favre's 18 interceptions.

AFC: The Jets get the win over the Chargers, as Phillip Rivers trades profanity rants with Rex Ryan on the sidelines. Houston beats the tar out of the Bengals, Batman cries on Robin's shoulder.

Divisional Round: NFC: Green Bay beats San Francisco after injuries force Mike Singletary back onto the field (he gets four sacks and an interception, but also gets called on a critical fourth quarter 15 yard personal foul penalty). New Orleans rips the heart out of Minnesota once more, and Brett Favre retires. And then he comes back. And retires again. Then he takes a job bagging groceries. And then he returns to the NFL, winning another Super Bowl at the age of 47.

And then he plays minor league baseball for a coupla' seasons.

AFC: In the best game of the year, Baltimore beats Houston in overtime on a Ray Rice fumble recovery in the end zone (Michael Oher thought he saw Jesse James in the stands and forgot to protect Joe Flacco's blind side). Indianapolis pulls away from the Jets late in the game as Sanchez gives up two fumbles on consecutive plays to Dwight Freeney and South Jersey's own Gary Brackett. (Rex Ryan loses a side bet and allows Tony Dungy to wash his mouth out with soap live on NBC).

Championship Round: NFC: No team has had a more dangerous offense this year than the New Orleans Saints. Every single day of the year. Except for this day. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in a big road upset.

AFC: I see Baltimore struggling a bit early in the season, but they'll get on a huge roll late in the year. That continues today. The Ravens in a blowout.

THE SUPER BOWL: I think Rodgers, Finley and Jennings come up extra large in the biggest game of their lives. The Ravens keep it close, but Ray Lewis and the defense begins to age before our very eyes. Green Bay 38, Baltimore 20.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) I know it's somewhat early in the season, but so far I'm batting 1.000 for my 2010 NFL predictions! (Picked the Saints over the Vikings Thursday night).
2) Joe Flacco? Also from South Jersey.
3) The "America's Game" series from NFL Films.
4) The "America's Game" series from NFL Films is free on Hulu.
5) Peter King picked my PITTSBURGH STEELERS to win the Super Bowl this year!!!

song of the day...
"Start me up" by The Rolling Stones

movie of the day...
"Steel Magnolias" ...(to offset all the testosterone in today's blog)

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