Monday, May 10, 2010


Honestly, it's been forever and a coupla' weeks since i last blogged. And people (meryl) are begging to swear at me.

Very, very, very, very sorry.

And, i'm even more sorry for this blog tonite, as it's really nothing more than an apology for not blogging. I feel terrible about it, really.

Still, it's quite nice to be missed. I mean, sure, most of you who have requested a new posting have done so because you "can no longer stand to walk over to that page and look at those hideous pictures with that disgusting (CENSORED) tongue sticking out."

but... i'll take it.

Much more in the next week, and stuff, i promise.

And, while you're waiting, please accept this picture of me with my tongue kept firmly on the inside of my mouth, as a token of my appreciation...

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) Good news is, the screenplay is really coming together!!! ...sort of.
2) So many movies i've seen since i last blogged! Just saw 'iron man 2' in IMAX this weekend. Good times indeed.
3) The bad thing about IMAX, the new trailer for JJ Abrams' new movie "Super 8" could not be shown on such a big screen. BUT!!! I did sneak into another showing of 'Iron man' to watch it!!!
4) The thought that there has to be at least ONE other person out there who doesn't find it odd that i snuck into a theater to watch a trailer.
5) Your very kind patience.

song of the night...
"the real slim shady" by eminem

movie of the night...
"there will be blood"

...seriously very sorry.