Saturday, November 6, 2010

Upon seeing the drugged up raccoon...

Last night on facebook, my friend posted the picture below with this caption underneath...

"I don't get what one thing has to do with the other...? Could someone PLEASE explain what a raccoon wrapped in christmas lights has to do with vanilla and cinnamon black tea?"

And these were the comments that followed...

"Me... It's a well-known fact that raccoons are CRAZY for vanilla and cinnamon black tea. And the Christmas lights are there to remind us, of course, to properly fasten all of our holiday decorations, so as not to accidentally entrap our furry, forrest-dwelling, tea-loving friends.
22 hours ago

Me... Although, the more i glance at it, that cup looks like it's filled with hot chocolate. Which raccoons are also big fans of.
22 hours ago

Matt... ‎^^roflzroflzroflzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!! yu are my hero haha
22 hours ago

21 hours ago

Will... This is too funny!
20 hours ago

Matthew... Meg, thats actually a lemur.. lmfao
6 hours ago

Me... HOLY CRAP!!! ...That IS a lemur!!!! WTF??? They freaking HATE tea!!!
6 hours ago

Meg... I CANT
2 hours ago

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) Mark Zuckerberg.
2) I feel good knowing my job doesn't require me to know the difference between raccoons and lemurs. And, for that matter, chipmunks.
3) Tea.
4) Alabama just lost! W'hoooooo!!!
5) The conversation continued between me and Meg on our fb walls...

Meg... That's one of the funniest things I've EVER read
21 hours ago

Me... ‎:) Thanks! Yeah, i was on a bit of a roll there (pats self on back)... but... you do know it's true, right???
21 hours ago

Meg... lmao, yes. funny thing is, i put that down when i saw it, and somehow it ended up being bought, bagged, and put into my kitchen. i flipped out last night upon seeing the drugged up raccoon.
8 hours ago

Me... Man, i wish i was still in a band-- i would totally name our next album "...upon seeing the drugged up raccoon."
7 hours ago

Song of the night...
"Rocky Raccoon" by The Beatles...(raise your hand if you saw that one coming)

Movie of the night...
"The Social Network"

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