Saturday, April 3, 2010

Clash of the Titans...

Rather than go on and on about the way i felt after the 'clash of the titans' credits rolled this afternoon, i thought i'd give you a chance to pick your favorite review...

A) The gods must be crazy.
B) Here's one krakken that should not have been released.
C) This movie was so bad, i was poseidon myself.

the five things i fell in love with today...

1) A really good bad movie. Seriously, there's something so great about going to a really crap movie. A really cheeky flick with things that blow up and actors who can't act. But, there's a fine line between that type of movie and one that... well, doesn't know it's a crap movie. Guess which one 'clash of the titans' was?
2) Zues. Samuel L Jackson's character from the third "die hard" movie.
3) Quality movie fight scenes. The ENTIRE movie-- 'clash of the titans' --i had NO idea what was going on! It was the muddledist thing i'd ever seen on film! I was so damn confused!!! "Wait... he was INSIDE of the giant scorpion???" "Wait... I thought that guy already died..." "Wait... there are THREE giant scorpions now???"
4) Brand new words. Like muddledist.
5) God.

song of the night...
"What if God was one of us?" by Joan Osborne

movie of the night...
"Bruce Almighty"


  1. I loved Bruce Almighty. Can't say I loved Clash of the Titans. Although the stop animation for it's time was very good...kinda. One of my favourite B-grade movies is "Krull". You may not even know it. It was a fantasy made in the 80s. I loved it.

  2. I think that was actually on the movie poster: "our stop animation is very good... kinda."

    I do know of 'Krull" but have never seen it. Just looked it up on and noticed liam neeson was in it! Wacky, huh?

  3. My vote goes to Bruce Almighty also.
    Your newest follower.

  4. made me chuckle about the poster.

    And Liam Neeson was in Krull??? I bet he doesn't tell a lot of people that :P